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About Ali

Hey Guy's, I'm Ali, the person behind Country Chic Homes. I am the writer, creator, marketer, shipping dept. & photographer & a million other things as I build my business daily. I say building because I never want to be done. I always want to continue to grow & continue bringing you home style, lifestyle & inspiration in fashion. I am from California, the state of all four seasons. I enjoy every bit of each season, but I love fall the most. It is when I come alive & I am my most creative self. 

I am blessed with two handsome men whom I am lucky to call my sons. I also have a sweet Yorkie, who I refer to as my 3rd child & my newest child, an adorable cat who is my sassy girl. & a partner who assists me in hauling my finds back to CCH, & who supports all of my ideas even when there's heavy lifting involved. My little family is why I create a cozy & inviting home; they give me love, support & encouragement, & it is my way of thanking them. 

Thank you for being here & for allowing me to share our home, lifestyle, fashion & beauty styles.


What is Country Chic Homes?

So, are you ready to see what Country Chic Homes is?

What is it that fuels you? For me, it's Country Chic Homes. I love creating beautiful spaces in our home. It's about how I create, what interests me, what interests others, and sharing all of my thoughts with my readers. My creation comes from many years of experience & the passion that I have for it. Creating with new, vintage & European pieces to obtain that warm, welcoming feeling in our home, I carefully pick each piece. I have to vibe with the selection to bring it into our home to create the rustic Country vibe I feel in my soul. From home decor to fashion, Country Chic Homes is my gem, gaining more and more traction daily. That is why, after a year of dreaming & months of planning, I opened the Country Chic Homes online shop. I am beyond thrilled, to say the least, that I am living my dream. Each item is a piece I have or would have in my home. Every detail is so important that it becomes part of your everyday life.

I hope you enjoy browsing my Country Chic Homes and all of the unique content that I have to offer. You may discover what fuels you to create in your own home & style.


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