Hey Guy's I'm Ali, I am the person behind Country Chic Homes, I am the writer, creator, marketer, shipping dept. & photographer & probably a million other things as I am building my business everyday. I say building because I never want to be done, I always want to continue to grow. I am from California. & as much as I love it here, I do wonder if I am missing out on some wonderful place besides here. But for now California is home. I am blessed with 2 handsome men that I am lucky to call my son's. I also have a sweet yorkie to who I refer to  as my 3rd child & my newest child a sweet cat, who is my sassy girl. I guess I can say they're my reason for staying. 

So are you ready to see what Country Chic Homes really is.
What is it that fuels you? For me, it’s Country Chic Homes. I love creating beautiful & cozy spaces in our home. It's about how I create, what interest me, what interests others, and sharing all of my thoughts with my readers.  My creating comes from many years of experience & the passion that I have for it. Creating with new, vintage & European pieces to obtain that warm welcoming feeling in our home, each piece is carefully picked by me. I have to vibe with the piece to bring it into our home to create the rustic Country vibe that I feel in my soul.  Country Chic Homes is my gem that is gaining more and more traction each day. That is why after a year of dreaming & months of planning I opened Country Chic Homes online shop. I am beyond thrilled to say the least that I am living my dream. Each item is a piece that I have or would have in my home. I say would as I need to remind myself constantly that these items are for you to create with. A huge section of the shop is homegoods, such as linens & soaps. I believe that every detail is so important that it becomes part of your everyday life.

I hope you enjoy browsing my Country Chic Homes and all of the unique content that I have to offer. Perhaps you’ll discover what fuels you to create in your own home.