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10 Christmas Scroll Stoppers

Hello December! A month of promise, hope & to be merry to all around you & to yourself.

If you're on Instagram, you probably are inspired as you scroll through, seeing Reels or still pictures. You are taping on the heart, leaving a nice comment (all positive vibes), saving it to a folder you've created to go back to & look at it over & over again & even sharing it with your friends or on your stories. Then you come across the ones that make you go,e mesmerized by every deet, the music, the caption & just in awe of the square. It happens to me all the time & I try to do all the above, but this time I did something different. I reached out to the owner of the inspiring square & asked if I could share their beautiful photo in today's blog post. Of course, with the community that has inspired me, each one was generous & said yes. I am truly blessed to be able to share these beautiful pictures with you. I know you'll see the beauty in them as I do.

I have added to each picture the name of who it belongs to, & their Instagram handles & if you tap on either the handle name or photo, you'll be directed to their Instagram profile. Some of the pictures are still pictures on their feed & others are in a reel format. Since I can't add full reels here, I have asked for a still photo for you to see.

Please show them some CCH love & tell them that you came from this blog post. We all work so hard to create these beautiful spaces that for them to know that you saw them here would be amazing.

Here we go!


Instagram: myoldpub

Photo taken by Brent Darby

The view from one room to another is captured; by all the beautiful textures & elements & the eye stops at the Christmas tree.


Instagram: le.cultivateur

The Christmas tree & its baubles radiate Christmas cheer, creating a cozy vibe to enjoy.

Vibeke Svenningsen

Instagram: vibekedesign

I love how Vibeke keeps the pattern consistent with the red stripes throughout this space. It's very appealing & creates a beautiful balance.

Maja Olausson

Instagram: majasmissionshus

A Christmas tree so grand balances both spaces, hmm, or is it the chandelier? Either way, this view is breathtaking!

Barbara & Giotto

Instagram: cucitisuite

Giotto has a piece of my heart whenever Barbara shares a photo of him. I can only assume he awaits his guests' arrival to be seated at this gorgeous tablescape in hopes of a treat or an accidental drop of food.

Maja Olasusson

Instagram: majasmissionshus

A beautiful view. Maja sure has a way of making a simple Christmas tree look so good.


Instagram: sixvintagerugs

Liz has a way of creating beautiful spaces with every piece. Her rugs are indeed one of a kind & are available for sale. & she recently is working on a pretty BIG project. We at CCH are looking forward to seeing how it all comes together... beautifully!

Melissa Ashley

Instagram: melissaashleyhome

Umm, at first glance, you may think that you're looking at the White House, but no, you're looking at my friend Melissa's home. So grand, huh? Double trees full of gorgeous ornaments & a sweet vintage table.

Ashley Savage

Instagram: ashleymariesavage

If you're looking for some bottle brush tree inspiration, Ashley has you covered in every color! Such a statement picture, haha & I thought my hutch was grand with my display. The trees are stunning at every angle & in any space of her home.


Instagram: thecottagescribe

Last but not least! Laura's picture is so beautiful, capturing different angles in this space. From her Christmas mantle, moldings, & a vintage rocking horse, the simplicity of the tree in a vintage French champagne crate is charming.

Thank you for stopping by today & reading & seeing these beautiful pictures of my friends. Tis the season; the more, the merrier! Remember to share with your family & friends CCH & have them subscribe so they can receive my blog posts & weekly Wednesday newsletters in their email inbox.

~ Have a wonderful weekend!



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