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1K + 500 = 1,500 FOLLOWERS

Hey Guy's!!!!

Happy dance over here at Country Chic Homes!! I am thrilled & over the moon excited, I've reached 1,500 followers this past weekend over on the gram & OMGEEE it feels so good to be sharing my home, creations, DIY's, ventures & all the good vibes! Thank you for letting me do so everyday on Instagram & here.

Let's continue doing this, I want to continue giving you the best, cause ya'll deserve that & so much more. I have so many creations already planned for Fall, Halloween & Christmas that I want to show you now! I can't wait!! All good vibes!!

I've made so many wonderful friendships & have been inspired by so many, I am learning everyday by watching you. I am forever grateful, I can't tell you that enough. Please continue to follow, share, comment, heart & come on over her to the blog to check out all the deet's here.

Cheers now off to the beach!!



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