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2023 Christmas Coffee Table Talk... Centerpieces.

Last year, I shared many Christmas centerpieces that I created quickly & with items that I already had on hand or affordable items, like shopping at Target's Dollar Spot. I have received many requests to do it again this year, so here we are.

The coffee table chat can be so cozy & wonderful. It's where you gather with family & friends to sit back & relax & catch up. So, this season, make sure that your centerpiece is looking good! What better to have a gorgeous & easy centerpiece that you can put together quickly? So far, I have five this year. Five seemed good enough to start the post. You want to check this post daily, as I'll add new ones throughout the season. I'll open up the comment below; I'd love to hear your thoughts as I share.

I'll add a brief description to each photo & link them to my LTK with the same or similar items.

Drum roll.....

Mercury glass ornaments
Ornaments in a copper bowl are one of my favorite centerpieces. It's a classic view & when you have a candle lit nearby, it reflects so beautifully. I filled the bottom of the bowl with four simple ornaments to elevate the mercury glass ones. You can do this by doing the same or adding some crushed kraft paper. You don't want to use fabric or anything soft that will not support the weight of the ornaments on top.
Pears in a wood bowl
In this look, I added a variety of faux pears. I love the variety of the three & the simple look. You can quickly achieve this with real fruit, any seasonal fruit you may have. Place them in a wooden bowl to give a rustic feel.

Glass Cloche with Christmas trees
There's just something about a cloche over bottle brush trees; it's a timeless look & groups trees together. Add twinkling lights & it's like you have created a magical forest—group trees in similar colors or a mix & match. On my Instagram stories, I mention that you can even tie a ribbon to the top of the cloche, giving it a romantic touch.
Metal large jingle bells
Christmas greens in a vintage basket, why yes, please. Add several galvanized jingle bells in various sizes & a strand of twinkling lights, absolutely! If you don't have jingle bells, you can use large ornaments & fill up a basket with greens.
Bottle brush tree farm
A DIY Christmas tree farm! It's such a fun & quick DIY with those bottle brush trees. Find any thick piece of wood of any shape & drill holes to the size of the tree's trunks or a tad smaller. This is one DIY that I recreate every year. If you don't want to remove the stand & drill holes, place them as is on a piece of wood. I'll link the blog post that has all the deets here & you can see previous tree farms that Billy & I have created.

Disco Ball
Our flower arrangement left over from our Thanksgiving centerpiece served well days after & the roses are still going strong. It is mixed with faux Christmas greens to give a fuller look & roses & greens are gently placed in a well-loved urn. Set a disco ball next to it & WHOLA! You have a centerpiece to conversate about. But it's no ordinary disco ball; its purpose is endless, meant to hold a wine or champagne bottle. I am currently using it to have a candle inside.

Gingerbread Houses
Inexpensive gingerbread houses I shared a few weeks ago have finally made their way onto a table top. To elevate them, I grabbed two of my jadeite cake stands & I have placed the smaller one on top. I added three trees with different textures to fill up some space on the larger stand. The last gingerbread house centers the entire centerpiece by being placed directly onto the table. A tealight is next to it. You can easily switch out the gingerbread houses for white or wood village houses. To elevate, you can use any cake stands you have on hand or any books; I always love to use books, too!
Jingle bells
The roses once again. Placed on our coffee table next to an ironstone mold that is holding jingle bells. The perfect size to do so. I put a votive candle in a Christmas frosted jar to give a gentle glow. You can add ornaments if you do not have bells.
Christmas tree
There's nothing better than a tree in a vintage bucket! It speaks old world Christmas. I added the sheepskin for photo purposes.

Candy canes in a wood bowl
Candy canes in a bowl! You can do this with any Christmas candy & any bowl. I want to switch out the wood bowl soon & place the candy canes in a white ironstone bowl; ohlala, it'll look beautiful!
Christmas village in snow
A Christmas Village is a classic centerpiece here at CCH. Each year, I love to recreate this look; it's timeless & adds so much to any tabletop. A flat surface as your base will serve to hold it all together. Faux snow, trees, a village house & a close! Oh yes & twinkling lights!
Bottle Brush Trees & Home Decor Books, Disco Balls
Books & Christmas trees are an easy way to spruce up any space. I like to use ones with different textures and heights & always in odd numbers. Adding them here takes our library table to the next level of Christmas decor.

Too Be Continued With More Coffee Table Centerpieces....

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