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4th Of July Vibes!!

Hey Guy's!!

Let's chat about the upcoming holiday, the one that celebrates our beautiful Country good ol' USA! I decided not to do a full blown post on 4th of July items that you can buy as I have a post that I created just before Memorial Day that has some amazing item's that you can reference back to. Any new item's that I am using are linked in my Shop My Instagram here on the blog. So this post is more of how I am creating here at Country Chic Homes. Let's get started...

As ya'll know CCH style is vintage & neutrals & white tones vibe with exception of holidays. This year for 4th of July, I still wanted to keep the neutral & whites but add some Red, White & Blue by using the American flag casually. In this last weeks posts on IG, you'll notice a flag in my creation's. It maybe more than one but it's place more casually than displayed. I use odd numbers, why haha I'm not sure, I just like the look of odd numbers in creations it gives more of a natural look vs. having groups of even pieces. I've been using different sizes of flags from small to large. I've been placing them in glass jars, plants, crocks or on shelves in an ironstone creamery. My biggest square that I have shared on IG has been of the peg rail with 3 different styles of kitchen towels. All 4th of July themed & perfect for hanging. Of course I haven't shared just yet how I'm creating in my home for next week & the day of. But you can still use it as a reference for next year. I like to keep it simple & patriotic not too over the top where it takes over my Country Chic Homes vibe. Something easy that I can transition into Summer & leave those creations up for awhile so I can enjoy the Summer sun & all the fun.

A few shops that you can check out for 4th of July items are...

Charlie James and Co... use CCH20 to receive 20% OFF


Shutter Tree Photography

I'd love to see how you create for the 4th of July, so tag or DM!!

Enjoy Your Weekend!!


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