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4th Of July Vibes

Hey Guy's!!!

I hope ya'll had an amazing week & Omgeee it's July & we're half way through the year!!! Before ya know it it'll be Christmas & I seriously hope getting there isn't as cray cray as the past few months! Well taking it one holiday at a time & with that being said, 4th of July is tomorrow & here at Country Chic Homes we're definitely feeling all the patriotic vibes. Each day on IG I shared with y'all a square that had some 4th of July vibe. I'm starting in with Tuesday as I normally do, but on Wednesday's I now post with a group #decorgalsdoitall it's a new group & this past Wednesday was our 1st time posting. It's definitely a great group of talented accounts & I love seeing all the great squares, so definitely check it out or send me a DM if you have a decor page & would like to join us. On Friday I shared with y'all an amazing square!! But with a group of talented ladies that I reached out to. We shared our #4thofjulyvibes on our stories & on our post. This is my 2nd time asking others to join me on something like this & I so enjoy doing this as it brings us all together supporting one another. If you haven't seen my stories today, head on over so you can see the ladies that I have collaborated with, I've tagged Amri, Shannon, Lisa & Kim's IG handle. I will also create a highlight so you refer back to for some inspiration. Okay so let's get into the deets for this weeks IG posts.


I shared a simple creation on my dining table, I used my vintage Coca Cola wood crate as my gathering piece. Inside I added some of my silverware, vintage glass bottles with some tapers, a basket with a faux plant, a small Mason jar that you can only see the lid peaking through but it gives the creation something different with the metal ring showing. In the corner I placed an American Flag. I did share 2 squares in 1 post, I hardly ever do that but I wanted to show a bit more as the 1st picture was more of an angle shot. In the 2nd picture I have some of my ironstone plates with my Blueberry Pancakes candle from Charlie James and Co. I can't tell you enough how sweet this candle is, if you love sweet candles or Blueberry Pancakes... this candle is for you! Don't forget to use CCH20 to recieve 20% OFF your purchase.


Our 1st engagement with #decorgalsdoitall I posted my 3 of my vintage frames with some tapers in a Mason jar & 1 in a newer glass bottle that with the dripping of the wax, it's starting to look vintagey. The final piece is one of my glass jugs & I placed an American Flag & the way I set it to fall in front of the frames & have the candles illuminate the stripes was just so beautiful to not post.


I gave y'all a corner square of my living room. It's the corner that I will honestly saw it's a work in progress, but that still works under construction lol. I always feel that I have too much going on in such a small space but given my home size, it is what it is. Pieces in that corner are permanently staying there.. the TV & it's table, ladder, Pepper's basket, huge mirror & crock. So with all these heavy pieces, I painted everything white with the exception of the TV of course. I did that to brighten & lighten up the space The only items that will exit out is the throw blanket that is on the ladder & my brass candle holder. I am loving the sturdiness of the ladder that holds such a heavy throw & ya'll are able to see it, well I do have the ladder raised on a vintage suit case to give some extra height. A simple corner under constant construction that was given a patriotic vibe.


Omgeee so excited to be sharing with my fraaannddss!!! Amri, Shannon, Lisa & Kim & I gave y'all some beautiful 4th of July Vibes!! Head on over to my stories to check us all out!! I have tagged the girls in my stories so you can head on over & give them a follow. For my #4thofjulyvibes square, I created on my side table in our dining room. I brought down my Aqua Mason & Atlas Jars & placed them throughout the table towards the back. In a few I added small American Flags to give some balance & texture to the back of the creation. In the middle, I did something a bit different, I centered my pedestal from Laurel Grove. I always chat about not having a focal point in your creations, to have multiple creations in 1 instead. But I thought it out clearly & when I was placing the jars I did so in not a straight line but more of a horseshoe style so it wouldn't break up the 2 looks that I was going for. By do just that I am still able to use 2 creations out of 1 that focuses in the middle. That's another reason why I added a few flags, to bring the eye towards the back too. I'll be creating a post soon on how I take pictures to break up creations. Okay so back to the middle. On the pedestal I have a white pitcher with 5 flags, y'all know me, I work in odd numbers. I placed each one so the pitcher would be full but not overwhelming... haha 6 with have been too much. For some texture, I added a Farmhouse Kitchen Towel, just tucked in & hanging out of the pitcher. To add light & that warm ambiance, I added some of my brass candle holders with tapers & have 3 tucked in & more in front of the jars. Lastly, I placed one of the flash cards America in a flower frog. I hope ya'll enjoyed our creations, I want to do more of these as they're so fun to do with friends & the support is absolutely amazing!!

That's this weeks squares, I hope ya'll enjoy the patriotic vibes. I know our Country has been through a lot these past months, it seems unfair but for myself it's the Country that I only know of, it's the only Country that I call HOME & with that I pray for a better tomorrow & the we all can find peace in our hearts & soul & for justice. I love y'all so much!!

Have an amazing 4th of July stay safe & have fun!


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