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5 Easy Tips To Creating A Valentine's Mantel

A Valentine's mantel in a bedroom sets a romantic & intimate space. You can create your own with items you may already have in your home.

Last week I created a simple Valentine's mantel. I wanted it to feel cozy & of course, romantic. I used items I already had on hand as Valentine's is such a short period that we decorate. But the things that I used, I can use over & over again throughout the year. Well, maybe not the pink candles; as you know, I enjoy our home with a neutral vibe when not styling our home for a holiday. My thought for the mantel was candles! Below I'll add how my vision came together & five easy steps on creating your Valentine's mantle without having to run to the store!

The Creating ~

At first, I was going to use different candle holders, wood, brass & glass. But then last minute, I went with my large candelabra. I have yet to share the candelabra I have had for about a month. I ordered it for the shop to see if it would be something I would add. After looking at options of shipping costs & packaging, Unfortunately, it would be insane how much it would cost to ship. She is pretty substantial & holds 13 taper candles! I definitely see myself using her all year round & excited to start having white wax all over it! I have linked several that are very similar to mine, I'm sure you'll love them! I added two tones of pink to the candelabra, a light baby pink & a deep pink magenta. There's nothing like pink that speaks Valentine's to me. I tried to use a few red tapers, but they stood out too much & not in a good way, LOL. I had a flower print of three roses that I had from last year but have yet to use it. So, this was the perfect time to bring it out. I added it to one of the vintage frames that I have in French blue. Since the blue is soft, it fits perfectly with what I envisioned. I brought in one of the CCH containers in zinc & added some delicate flowers along with CCH Mixed Green Herbs. A simple arrangement but essential to the creation. To balance out the opposite side, I have my staple antique candelabra & three brass candle holders holding light pink tapers. As my backdrop, I kept my three gold mirrors. The trio is a staple piece on the mantle; what do you think? To pull in my bed into the style. I had my white ruffled bedspread & my Darling pillow as the focal point. A simple Valentine's mantle.

Items used from CCH


How to create your own Valentine's mantel:
  1. Shop your home. (always a CCH tip)

  2. Candles never enough. (always a CCH tip)

  3. A soft flower print. Any size will do. I used an 8" x 10". You can even print your own on your home printer.

  4. Mix your candle holders. It creates dimension & a vintage vibe.

  5. Flower arrangement. I love artificial. But even a simple rose will do.

* Extra TIP: Balance. It is something that I talk about all the time. Not everything has to be grand in a style or space. But focus on balance instead. Not having one side heavier than the other & having the middle bring it all together seamlessly. After creating, step back & see if your eye continues moving at ease & you can pause between every piece & moves to the next item without jumping. Think of a romantic part in a song. The song that I love & enjoy thinking about as I style any space is Canon in D. At the beginning of the song, the piano notes are calming & slow & harmonious. The notes when it starts up fast, that's when you can see your vision has come to life. Breathless!
I hope that you're able to use these tips as you create a romantic Valentine's mantel & when creating any space for that matter.

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This week on CCH, I'll be sharing Valentine's & Spring inspiration. Tune in here & on IG for updates & LTK mood boards.

Wishing you a wonderful week ahead.

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