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5 Tips on Creating a Cozy Home

Here at CCH, I am always talking about creating cozy spaces. But I have never really discussed what it means to create a cozy home. In this blog post, I will do just that & give you five easy tips to help you create a cozy home.

It's all about creating spaces that fall into one another; no space is left behind. It's like a domino effect. They each have to lay nicely onto one another & feel seamless. But what is it that creates a cozy home? There are several elements that go into it. Creating that balance with the elements that you choose. Cozy just doesn't mean a soft blanket that you can take a nap or something soft. Cozy can be in wood, cement, or metal. It's how you bring it all together. Here are the five tips that you'll need to create your cozy home. I'll go over each tip on how they each take a role in styling.

  1. Find five elements that you want to incorporate into every room of your home. Below are my five elements.

  • Wood

  • Metal

  • Glass / Crystals

  • Fabric

  • Stoneware / Ironstone

2. Lighting

3. Scent

4. Layout

5. Color

These are the five elements that you will carry through your home. They will be seen in every space. Not the same item but in its element. Elements will be the main tip that you can refer to as it stays consistent. There is a balance of how much of what element is used. Take into account your flooring as part of your element. I have carpet in my entire home. So I add different rug patterns & textures. Our flooring is the biggest part of the home; you want to walk on it & feel in touch with it. You want to feel different senses throughout your body as your feet touch the floor. I rent my home, I would have wood floors, but I would still have rugs throughout to feel the difference between each space.
Woods are everywhere, from my dining table to my hutch & side tables. This is an element that in my house I am able to create. It's my blank canvas space of the elements.
Metals are big in CCH. That can be in my lamps, the hinges to my vintage jars, & metal in mirrors to the candle holders. I have metal throughout my home with other elements, such as my mirrors sitting on the wood mantle in my bedroom.
Glass / Crystals are seen in everything, from our glassware to the glass in the mirrors from the crystals in the chandeliers. Mt glass cloche that you can see right through the other side.
Fabric this is where you will bring in many different textures & weights. Mix the delicacy of lace with a grain sack & a chunky knit or fur. I have that in a metal basket in my living room, where I have linens folded. Your seating can fall into this element. Mine is my leather sofa with metal nail heads. It's grand & bold. I soften it with pillows & in the colder months, with fur. My flowers are
Stoneware / Ironstone from my collection can be seen as being displayed. But bringing it into other spaces by holding flowers, candles, or even in my office, a vintage crock holds pens.
Lighting, having soft lighting is important to me. Using soft/warm light bulbs creates a hue. I will be adding some lighting in our living room to bring the space together. Creating shadows with lighting creates a romantic vibe.
Scent is such an important element. It calms the sense of smell to pleasing. I have brought in Pura Scents & I love how it works. It's a diffuser that you purchase from the brand & each diffuser has two spaces for two scents. There is an app that needs to be downloaded onto your phone & you control how much scent is released. I have a saved highlight over on Instagram that you can check out. I have a discount code for 15% OFF ALIT15.
Layout, It's what works for you, your family & your home. Laying out your furniture or larger pieces/ where there still is flow, where it all comes together.
Color, pick a color palette that you love & see yourself carrying that into every space of your home in small increments.

Blend it all together & move things around if it's not feeling right. Once you have all of your elements, you can then blend them all together effortlessly. It won't be work or overwhelming when changing simple things like pillow covers or cushions. You want to be able to look, walk into a room & feel the cozy vibe. Tossing a blanket & taking a nap is perfect, but when a guest comes over & does that, it's priceless. You have achieved a truly cozy home.

I hope that you're able to take these tips & incorporate them into your home. You don't have to do them all at once; take your time to achieve them. It's worth it!

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