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7 Tips For A Cozy Winter Home

As the holidays have passed, how will you style your home? Read along on how I have styled CCH & have kept it cozy.

With all the holidays behind, most of you may have packed up Christmas too. We have here at CCH & it was time to return to our cozy neutral palette home. Before doing so, I needed to re-organize our home & start with a clean slate. If you still need to read the previous post, head on over just to read & see how I organized a significant part of CCH.

For winter, I have chosen to remove all the greenery from our home & bring in some white flowers, cozy pillows, warm cozy throws, books, magazines & of course, candles. Since it is cold, the books/magazines are great to grab & cozy up & get some inspiration. I even brought into the living area our table, the one with the chunky pedestal legs. I had placed it in the office, but I always knew it would make its way back to the living area.

Winter Decor
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I am going to be completely honest with you. I was over the Christmas greens & all the garlands. I needed some flowers to brighten up our home. I went with white peonies & roses, of course faux. The green in their leaves & stems is perfect & just the amount of color is needed. Tap here for tips on how to have a cozy winter home. I wanted to have it clean as it can quickly feel cluttered during the holidays. I needed a fresh & relaxing home that would be enjoyable. I kept the arrangements simple. All are in similar containers & are low, nothing extravagant. They all flow together as I have used the same color palette.
For our sofa, I removed all the Christmas throw pillows & have three off-white euro pillows, two sherpa ones in different sizes & two chunky knit pillows. All pillows are in the same palette. I brought out our grey chunky knit throw for an added moody color & a cream faux fur throw from last year's Christmas shop. I'll link a similar one here & an alternative.

Our mantle above the fireplace has a new look, to & I love its simplicity. If you have been here for a while, you have seen that I have our vintage books under the TV. The books cover up the cords from the TV. I decided that, for now, I would extend the books from one end to the other. No mirror, just books & it looks great!
Since our living room & dining room are all in one space, I wanted a cohesive look & I was able to achieve that by sticking to the same color scheme.


  1. Declutter & clean

  2. Pick a color palette. If you like, remove all Christmas to feel a change in your home.

  3. Stay simple in your decor. This is where less is more comes to play.

  4. Bring in items from your home that have been stored away.

  5. Bring in florals, real or faux. It starts the transition into Spring.

  6. Find five elements to use. I used paper, soft texture, wood, leather & stoneware

  7. Cozy, always make spaces cozy with throws & switch-up throw pillows with a mix of three textures.

Easy steps to follow to a simple & clean slate if you have put away all of your Christmas decorations. You can quickly bring in touches of Valentine's & Spring when you are ready to do so. Refrain from feeling the pressure to style for Valentine's or Spring. If you're feeling like me now, I am enjoying the clean slate, cozying up on the sofa & winter. This time can be challenging for many, especially if your soul craves sunshine. Hopefully, you can find ways to shift your mood from the winter blues. Find your favorite cozy blanket, curl up with your favorite book, & read my hundreds of blog posts or movies, even if you re-read them or have watched them a thousand times. Remember, the sun will shine brightly once again. Winter, or coming out of the holiday season, is the time to hibernate & embrace the calm moments. Watch the rain come down & always dance in the rain, even if it's just you twirling around with your arms open or in a place where it is snowing. You can head on outside & make snow angels, several of them. If you're in the sun, embrace the rays, for they have warmed you. This is when my soul sleeps & my creativity is put into my writing here on CCH. Coming out of Fall & Christmas with a touch of Halloween thrown in the mix & styling for Jeanne d'Arc Living Magazine, I have been super busy & need this time to hold on to & start to refuel my soul slowly.

I hope you can create your cozy space & enjoy every bit of it. Leave a comment in the post about how you have made your cozy space; I'd love for you to share. Feel free to share this post & CCH with your friends & family.

Much respect always


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