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Well, hello. If you saw my Insta story today, I mentioned that I would be sharing a few important dates with you here.

To say that I have been busy would be an understatement. I have been creating content for Jeanne d' Arc Living magazine for Fall 2023, Halloween & running CCH. I love what I do. At times it does feel a tad overwhelming, but I love every bit of it & that itself keeps me going & wanting to create more, whether it be sharing a style, or blog post, with day-to-day in the shop. There is always something to do here at Country Chic Homes.

CCH was established in 2019, and I have enjoyed the process of creating something out of nothing into what it is today. I am a content creator, stylist, blogger, shop owner & influencer on social media. I created the website myself, which was very budget friendly & just went with what I liked & to my vibe. I took a step back & looked at the website, my Insta page & many other things. I knew that to continue with the growth of my brand & taking it to the next level, it needed to have a professional vibe. I met with several consultants that would be able to give the vibe that I was looking for & needed.

On Monday, October 24th, phase I will be rolled out. You will see the rebranding of Country Chic Homes over on my Insta stories. It will be a small piece that you will see, but it will be part of CCH that you will see daily. I am so happy & excited to share it with you.

Phase II, the final phase, will be launched on Tuesday, November 1st, our shop's first anniversary! Not planned at all, but it just happened that Country Chic Homes would have a new look on that date. will look different but with such a vibe that we constantly chat about here & over on Insta. It has been such a joy talking with my team about what I want & needs in the rebrand. Having them take care of it all is a blessing I never imagined.

Earlier in the year, I created a new logo for the brand. I will admit it was hard to do as I don't have any experience as a graphic designer. There are just some things that are better left to an expert. I struggle with the logo size for several projects or adding it to my emails. I love the fonts, but it was just not formatted correctly. My team will oversee making minor adjustments that will be pleasing to the eye.

I am proud to bring on my youngest son Andrew, who recently graduated from San Francisco State. Andrew will assist me as a consultant in marketing & formatting areas of the site. My dream is to have CCH be a family business & to have Andrew on board is the right step in the direction of CCH.

My dream is to have a well-established business that will be well-known & I am working hard to do just that. Dreams don't happen overnight, even though it may seem so. I started CCH in 2019 and have years of styling & creating spaces where one can gather with family & friends.

I will always say, Fall is the season where I grow, where it all starts to come together.

Country Chic Homes will remain the same esthetic you have come to know & love; we're just getting better!

You are here every time I post or share our home; even if it is a product I share, I am grateful. I wouldn't be here without you! I'd love to know; how long you have been following along.

Don't forget to share CCH with your family & friends!

Thank YOU!


Vintage & New pieces create a cozy space
A Simple Fall Center Piece

Adding different textures & elements is a staple style here at CCH. Making it a cozy European vibe
A Cozy Fall Mantle... A European Vibe

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