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A Beautiful Hutch

The night before we left on vacation to Hawaii, I had a vision. I was looking through Pinterest & Instagram & saw some hutch inspiration. I looked over into our kitchen & saw our hutch & the inspiration I was seeing as I scrolling it was all coming together, well in my mind. I had thought about it before but I never really thought I would do it. Why not I thought to myself? Let's do it! I got up & went to the garage & grabbed my Chalk Paint in Linen White, mind you there wasn't much left in the can. I knew I could make it work & thin it out & spread it out as much as I could. Haha I had no time to go to the store to buy more, I still needed to pack!

Yup! I painted our hutch & she looks absolutely beautiful! I even took off the doors, something I had done before but she looked completely radiant this time around. After removing all my ironstone very carefully, I wiped her down. 48 minutes later she was done & looking so good! Why didn't I do this before? Now to put everything back together, well inside of her. I knew I wanted a different look for her, so like I mentioned before I didn't put her doors back. But the ironstone I want it to be styled differently & stacked. I also wanted to show my advertising jars too, I felt like before they were always hidden. I added a DIY shelf on the bottom shelf to give me more space. For a second I thought I wasn't going to be able to fit it all together, but it did it all stacked perfectly. I even added a few of my French green glass jars (we currently have several available) & silverware. Given the season, I added of course pumpkins & other Fall deets. She even had some custom pieces made from our sweet friends at Blackdog Creations. Beautiful stacks of ironstone, see the Fall stack in the picture below that's it & a few more pieces too. So, keep your eyes open over on the gram to see what else was made just for her.

I am so happy that I went with it, even on the night before my vacation. Now she is ready for Fall, our most favorite season of all.

In the past I hardly ever shared her, but now I know she'll be seen & the center of attention. Head on over to my Instagram to see today's reel, you'll see her up close.

Of course that opened up for me to re style our kitchen island, but I knew that would be once I returned from Hawaii. I am back & I have restyled her, she looks so good & I even saw an idea in Hawaii that I love & used the idea. Stay tuned for the reveal.

Thank you so much for reading my posts!


P.S. I had enough paint

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