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A Christmas Home Tour

Today I shared of on the gram our Christmas Home Tour, with all the new posting that IG has given us creators or anyone, I shared a sneak peak in a reels & the tour is in my stories. I have saved them to a highlight so you can go back to it whenever you would like. Haha you may need a coffee break as it's long. The way I see it, I worked way too hard to create a cozy Christmas & 60sec is just not enough & seriously I could've done a part II. So head on over & tell me what you think, I joined some lovely ladies & you can head on over to see their tour.

I also shared my Christmas wreath, haha I didn't want to let go of the Fall wreath that I made so I added some eucalyptus garlands that are from last year's Christmas decor! & that's it a Christmas Wreath

Pepper & I had our holiday photo shoot, courtesy of me lol. But it was perfect & I truly hope you can see the love.

Coming soon to the blog side of CCH in the new year will be a weekly post on Sundays. It'll be a recap of IG, new finds new or vintage & new items or information about the shop. I am looking forward to doing this & I hope you all will enjoy reading.

As we approach Christmas Day with only 11 days away, I won't be creating anymore spaces as I want to enjoy this time with my family & the joy of the season. I must admit, it'll be hard for me to not create as it calms me & it's my outlet. But last year I did take a week off after Christmas & came back a few days into the New Year. This year I won't be doing that so this is my way of "taking a break." I have lots still to share that I haven't shared with you & I can't wait. I didn't dive right into decorating for Christmas like years past & it felt so good doing it in stages & keeping it simple for the most part.

I'll be back next week to share my Christmas Post with you, but until then see all the posts over on the gram.

Have a wonderful rest of the week!



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