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A Christmas Mantel At CCH

Tis the season to Deck the Halls or mantel. One mantel style this season & I am so happy how it turned out. Layers & layers of garlands & textures, oh my!

When I envisioned Christmas this year, I only saw garlands, several throughout our home. Each one would be grand in its way. But the one on our fireplace mantel would be extraordinary & just a little more on the WOW side. It turned out better than I imagined & thankfully, I will not be changing our mantel as I have in previous years. So, let's dive into a chat about how & what I used.

Etsy Christmas Digital Prints

Items Used:

Creating The Garland

Well, I just went layer by layer, LOL! I started with the greenery as the base & layering the rest. I laid the greenery flat & swagged the rest of the garlands. I fluffed as I went along, which is essential to do vs. at the end. It allows you to see where you need more of something or less of it. A few nails were added at the end, so unnecessary holes weren't made between us. I added the zip ties in areas where I connected the greenery. I placed command strips at the ends & two in the center. In the command strips, I put the ends of the garlands. Once all was secured, I added the twinkling lights since the strand is wire & didn't need to be secured by anything else. The beauty of twinkling lights on a wire strand is they are lightweight & easy to adjust. On one side, I attached the stockings by adding zip ties to each stocking. The zip ties are at different lengths to create, yes, depth & layers. & we must remember the layers of ribbons, different widths, textures, colors & lengths. For bows, I only tied one each of the ribbons & layered the rest on top, cascading down. The garland is grand & oh-so beautiful.

Above the mantel has taken a change, something I was nervous about. Since moving in a few years ago, I have kept the books, yes, the famous books that are seen in many of the photos across the blog & on Instagram. The books serve a purpose. They hide the feet of the TV & the endless cords that I wish weren't there but are needed so Billy can watch every sports game known to man. But I wanted to have the mantel look completely different & ready for the season. I removed them & added the Village Tree Collar; yes, the tree collar, I know! But at CCH, I love to reuse items in different ways. I had contemplated using battery-operated candles. I would need a lot, but in all honesty, I didn't want to use all the batteries in the house, so when I received the tree collar & saw that they ran on a plug-in cord, it came to me to use them on the mantel as I wouldn't be using them on our main tree as it is too big. Given that they're delicate, I wanted to keep them from moving around or storing them as they're too beautiful not to be displayed all season long. They are the perfect length, too & almost the right height for the space. To raise them, guess what I brought back? The books! I added a few books underneath each village to bring them up to the level of the garland & to cover the space. The view was perfect! More so, once I turned the switch, it was magical.

Christmas Decor

The small wall space would have to be grand, too; everything needed to tie together. Christmas prints were in order; different size prints in vintage ornate frames were what I was going for & I achieved that by ordering digital images & having them printed for me. I framed them myself by adding cardboard backing. Since I don't use glass on my framing to secure the print to the cardboard, I use Velcro tabs. I pace them on the corners. It's an easy way to frame. Also, I don't use glass to frame; it prevents glare. It also shows the prints to represent more of a painting at times. I opted for four prints & a tapestry. Given the variety of sizes & frames, I wanted them to look well together, so I placed them closely together where they overlap. I knew my collection of vintage frames would come in handy. I'm so happy that I didn't list them on Facebook Marketplace. Tip: Keep the vintage frames always.

Christmas Garland Decor

I let go of many things this season, from the books to recreating several mantel styles up to the week of Christmas. But this year, I did it so I could enjoy the season & create family gathering memories. Haha, it takes a lot of work to create mantels; this one took me an entire day & countless hour of planning. I also want to focus on creating easy coffee centerpieces & tablescapes for all of you.

I genuinely hope that you enjoy the mantel & all its Christmas joy! My favorites are the twinkling lights & the star garland & the village houses; there's just something about twinkling lights when they hit the stars. It's magical.

If you have any questions or would like to share what your favorite element is, please drop it below in the comment section.

Enjoy your Sunday. It's football all day at CCH, which means a cozy day with game-day snacks & styling! & We slept an extra hour!

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