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A Closer Look Into My Collection

french canning jars
What a view, as I was gathering them for this photo, I realized how much I love collecting these jars.

A post that starts with a picture instead of a caption, hmmm, a picture is worth a thousand words. Haha & it is true; if you have bought one of these before, then you know they're a tad pricey but worth every penny.

French Canning Jars' beauty of heavy green glass has captured many collectors as they stand beautifully after many years. Their glass, porcelain lids & metal closing & a variety of different sizes & shapes are intriguing to look at. The jars are from the 1930s; they may have retired from their original uses of canning they're now usually adored on shelves.

I shared a huge part of my collection on Wednesday to bring in the first day of March. What better way to do so than to share the color green? At CCH, I have found my growing collection slowly trickling into every room. It may be several in a row, holding pens, taper candles, or just one on a pedestal. My collection is predominately a dark green hue, but I had some luck & have added the aqua-blueish-green glass to the family. I have two in my collection that has their label still intact.

I have found my jars mainly on Etsy, a few locally & then with friends. My recent find was found in my friend's online shop, Helen. She's my dearest friend from the rural parts of France. If you caught my newsletter from a few weeks ago, she was my guest that week. I found the most gorgeous jar ever; it's an oval shape with its lid. I had never seen one before, nor did I know it existed. Helen has some beautiful items in her shop that she shares with us daily on her Instagram page @quintessentiallyfrench

My latest to the collection, an oval piece.
Tips On Collecting:

  • Since these are hard to come by, my #1 tip if you come across one that you love, get it as it might be there for long.

  • Determine how many you want in your collection.

  • Decide if you want a certain brand as there are several.

  • Size, get a variety of sizes, I find it to be more appealing & it gives the illusion of more.

  • & enjoy them.

Do you have any of your own? If so, add what you have in the comments. I always enjoy reading your comments. Or if you have been planning on grabbing one if you come across one. In the photo below, I have linked several that are currently available.

Thank you for being here & have a wonderful weekend!

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