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Adding Style To Your Closet

Earlier in the year, I started sharing more than just home decor. I love a cozy home & well styled. & well, my own personal style reflects that too. So welcome to my closet! My first fashion blog.

I love all styles, boho, western, denim on denim, cozy sweats, oversized tees', sweatshirts, cardigans & dresses! Pretty much anything fashion I can pull together & create an outfit. You can find many of these styles that I share on the home page, I try to switch up the pictures weekly.

I receive many questions on what my followers are looking for & lately, jumpsuits, rompers, one-piece pieces have been the must-have. Many of you have asked me to help you find ones that are length appropriate for us, including myself, 5'1". On Instagram. I mention in my caption earlier in the week that if you are 5'6" under, these jumpsuits are for you. 5'6" seems so tall to me & that seemed like a good height to start with. But the jumpsuits that I recently found & have shared would work with any height. It just depends on how you like them to fit. Being 5'1", I don't have to worry about having them hemmed, which I do myself, or cutting them down if they have a raw hem. So, if you feel you have had to pass on this new style, you no longer have to.

Lastly, the best tip when wearing any jumpsuit is a fitted top. I go with a bodysuit or a crop top. You can never go wrong with a bodysuit & I have found a perfect style! When I wear a crop top, I pair it with a jumpsuit that is higher on the sides & in the torso area; that's my preference. Being 45 & not having tight abs lol, I would rather stay away from showing my mid-drift. A little side showing, like a tad, is fine.

I have linked these & several others in my LTK. LTK is my home closet & fashion closet too! If you're not following me on the app, I invite you to follow me. You can tap on my post & all items are linked. Cool thing, if you like a post, you'll be notified when an item from the post becomes on sale. So, I accept the position to become your personal shopper for your home & style!

I am working with several companies that have been kind enough to give me a discount for you! I have them all on a blog post that I will link below.

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