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A Cozy Home

What makes a cozy home? Is it a soft throw pillow, a wood table, candle or maybe even a leather sofa? Well in our home "cozy" means all things combined.

All our furniture, decor & textiles are picked to create a "cozy home." A leather sofa alone can be very strong & cold but given a few throw pillows & throws it warms it up & brings it to being a cozy space. Our dining room table is solid wood, but our chairs are a mix match of 2 different styles, still wood but I have placed faux & real chair covers to soften up the space. With 6 chairs with covers our rug is jute to give you a bit of roughness but with the tassels at the ends pulls it all together. With decor on top for either a centerpiece or tablescape I can easily add more of a harder or softer vibe & definitely mixing it up is always a good thing.

Throughout our home you'll find several elements; wood, metal, soft furs, concrete, wax from candles, silk from florals & lastly glass. All placed in the right places & layered will give that cozy vibe we all want.

Mixing different textures in your textiles can give a balance of how easily it is. I usually will have 3 different textures on our sofa & in our bedding.

Color, you can obtain cozy in any color palette. Here at Country Chic Homes I have gone with a neutral pallette that I tend to keep season to season. I will add a pop of color in a decor piece or floral, but our home will still feel natural even through the seasons & holidays.

Find your scent! Haha yass you read that right, find the scent that is you, your family & that will make up your home. Our favorite candle line is from Little Gray House Candle Co. & our home scent is Toasted Marshmallow. We have many, many candles from LGH but I can say TM is our signature scent that you'll know you've walked into Our Cozy Home. If you decide to head on over, don't forget to use my discount code CCHOMES15 for 15% OFF.

Link to Cozy Vibe post

Have a wonderful weekend & be cozy!!


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