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A Cozy Wall, Functional & Beautiful

Over the past few days, things have been changing here at Country Chic Homes & I love it!

Last week, I shared a small wall space in our home on my Instagram story. It is the space that is directly behind the front door, behind the sofa, too. Needless to say, that I wasn't pleased with how I recently had styled it. I had placed two pieces of artwork inside of an empty vintage frame. If I'm candid with you, I didn't like it for two reasons. One reason is that the wire on the back of the vintage frame was showing & honestly, that is all I was drawn to every time I would glance over. I See, I'm the type of person who, when I love something, I don't continue to glance at it; I embrace its beauty & move on. But when I don't like it, that is all I can focus on. I had even asked in stories for opinions on the space. After days of focusing on the wall, I realized I didn't like any part of it. I don't even think I snapped a picture of it! That should tell; I wasn't feeling it if I had no photos to share. The second reason, something told me that I had already done that style many years ago. Layering empty frames or placing acting work inside of frames. I had already played that out before, & that wasn't my style anymore, nor where I was going with this wall. So, the only thing to do was to take it all down & start from scratch. Blank wall & blank stare... who would win? Read on & I think you'll agree that we both won.

Why bother with such a small space & especially if it's right behind the door? Well, because I see that wall space every evening & I'm seeing it now. It's the reflection that I get when I am sitting down on our sofa. That's all I see besides what is in front of me. In front is my beautiful ornate mirror with its fall garland & that space will soon be getting an upgrade, too, so stay tuned. So I wanted something grander & more beautiful.

Since I was working with a blank wall, I wanted a wall that I could change still with the seasons & of course, with the upcoming holidays. It had to be cozy since my mind is all about being cozy all the time, especially during this time of year. Hmmm, so what says cozy? A throw, well, how about several throws! I wanted to use what I already had for the most part, so I used what I had, & I always order two throws every fall season. I had it in my mind & just needed to order a peg rail. I wanted something special, something out of the ordinary. Well, I didn't find it, LOL! But then I remembered as I went outside & saw our brass rail with hooks & on each side the rod being held my horses. It was perfect & exactly what I wanted.

Billy had found this maybe last year at a garage sale. I loved it, but I needed to figure out where I would hang it as he found it around the holidays & Country Chic Homes had already been styled for the holidays. But now, as I was styling for fall this year, I definitely wanted to incorporate it somehow. It's a beautiful vintage piece with the perfect patina & has five hooks. Perfect for my five fall throws. I placed a fall sign that I had on hand above it to tie it all in & give the wall structure & balance all alongside my 6ft wood dough bowl. I am now in love with this space as I have even taken pictures, wrote a blog post & have shared it over on Instagram. It is full of my favorite fall colors & textures!

anthropologie pottery barn throw blankets

Since the throw blankets are right behind the sofa, they're easily accessible to anyone who wants to grab one & cozy up with it. This will be an easy space to change out & keep it fresh all year round just by changing the throw blankets & frame above.

So, remember, even the smallest spaces can be cozy & beautiful! Just look around your home & see what you can pull together. But I do suggest starting with a clean slate when doing so. It helps see things more clearly. & taking a few days to look & elevate the space. Given my space is directly behind the front door, I could only have a little depth & nothing that can break. The cozy throws serve as an excellent display. I hope I have inspired you to find that space in your home to hang your throws & make them a part of your decor.


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