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A Fall Tablescape, the first of the season.

& so, it begins! Fall has officially arrived throughout Country Chic Homes platforms. It felt so good to share my first fall tablescape of the year finally. Was it too early? Let's read on & let's chat for a bit.

In today's post, I will share the tablescape that opened the door to what would officially be the start of the fall season. Was I worried it was too early, as we're still in the middle of summer? No, I don't believe that I am early. I decorated, created & shared what I needed at this given moment. Am I rushing the current season? No, I don't think so, as I am still living in the present time & doing all the summer activities. Here's more to that. As a content creator, I need to share my ideas, lists & my creations before the season starts in hopes that one or more of my styles will inspire you when you're ready to decorate your home. Another reason is that most stores already have their fall decor, textiles, dishes & more already stocked on their shelves. I know firsthand that items will sell out of stock quickly & most stores are no longer replenishing seasonal items. So, the way I look at it, if any of my styles have inspired you, this is your time to start sourcing your items. I have provided available links that I have linked to my LTK shop. I source available items in my go-to shops for vintage items. You can reference my archive posts, such as my series of tablescapes that I will link below. I realize I have one last post to add to the linens post; I will post that one next week, so stay tuned.

fall leaves in a picking basket
A View Of The Fall Tablescape
Now to why I start decorating my home, what you all know as Country Chic Homes. Fall has always meant harvest in my mind, heart & my entire life up until my dad passed. My dad had his own vineyard management company; he managed many grape vineyards. For as long as I could remember, that was his life, his career & in some way, at some point, I connected the two, fall & harvest. Since his passing in 2017, he missed harvest that year; he was so close but passed too soon before it began. Before he could plan his days & coordinate with the wineries on when they would accept a specific crop, the stress, the hustle but in some crazy way, through all the planning & coordinating, equipment, crews, & much more, he found pure satisfaction in it all. That's what I call love what you do every day, it may not seem right to anyone how something can be so stressful, but he showed me all year the work that he did to have a successful crop & the outcome, a beautiful harvest. So now, I have embraced fall/harvest even more so & yes, of course, I want it to arrive sooner than later to feel that connection with the season & with my dad. I have planned all year, gathered my items, & in my mind, I have re-created every tablescape over & over again. The time was now for me to share & embrace my memory & share with you my love for my favorite season of all.

The tablescape that I shared today was one that I was excited to share. I created the tablescape on our outdoor farm table. So, I knew it could be grand due to the scale of the table. I also knew I would use the large fall leaves that many of us love. Everything was grand; it had to be. One thing that most people noticed was the nontraditional candle holders. I used my silver sugar bowls, tray & a concrete potting urn. I love using items that one wouldn't usually use in a way that they are meant for. My biggest tip for you, think outside of the box, be bold, and be different. I'll include more suggestions that I incorporated below. To hold my stems, I used my picking basket, it was a perfect size & since I am also honoring harvest throughout the season, it felt suitable to use it vs. a zinc or glass vase. Since I won't be bringing out any pumpkins just yet, I did bring out one of my gourds.

The color of the gourd bounced beautifully with the color of the leaves. I stacked plates next to it & gently laid my linen napkins next to the plates. To bring in the glassware, I needed them to be elevated & stay with the grand style of the table. Since the stems are slim, I placed them on my favorite riser from Tamera; that did the trick. It beefed up the stems of the glassware. I tell you & I'll always say it BALANCE! Create with balance & anything you style will be so beautiful! Okay, let's get to the tips & then the pictures!

outdoor patio dining area
Embracing The Moment
5 Easy Tips To Follow
  1. Think outside of the box, out of the normal. Use items that aren't want they're intended for. Your items don't have to scream out fall; it's about the elements & textures.

  2. Create layers of linens, & layer your tablecloths.

  3. If going grand, everything has to be extravagant or be elevated to the level of being grand.

  4. Mix & Match, & it'll still be beautiful. I love the nonperfect table.

  5. Step back & look at your tablescape. If your eye keeps moving, from piece to piece, section to section you've done it; you created a beautiful romance that dances with every move; if your eye gets stuck on one thing or section, you most likely need to adjust that area or areas.

In closing, be you, & be true to how you want your home, & your table to look. Don't worry if it may be too early or too late; do it! There's no rule to what you love; share it!

Drop a comment below, I'd love to hear your thoughts on today's post or about the tablescape.

Okay, have a beautiful summefallish weekend!!
ILYM ~ Ali

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