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A Little Bit Of Halloween Romance... In a tablescape.

As Halloween approaches, here at CCH, I have been creating some Halloween Tablescapes. I wouldn't say spooky but more on the moody, romantic side. This style fits with Country Chic Homes ' everyday style. I hope you enjoy it too & see the romance in Halloween through my vision.

As a child, Halloween was my least favorite holiday to celebrate. It just didn't seem fun being scared by costumes or walking all around the neighborhoods for candy & passing by houses that were decorated scary to give a Haunted House vibe. Having people jump out at you in masks just wasn't for me. I'd rather stay home & have it be just another evening without being frightened.

Fast forward to my years on here & on social media, I wanted to share my version of Halloween. Over the past years, I have kept with the moody, romantic style. As seen in yesterday's Instagram post, I shared an outdoor tablescape. I shared a beautiful, romantic outdoor tablescape. It is one of the simplest to create, but given the vibe, it is one of my favorites.

Moody halloween Tablescape Outdoors Black candles

When I started planning the tablescape, I knew I wanted it to be all one color, black & that I would have a lot of candles as they would set the mood for the table & being outside it would give a beautiful glow. I gathered all of my black candles & candle holders that I would be using. I wanted to cover most of the table & to do so, I laid out my fabric webs & placed them over the table. For added texture, I brought out my hand-tied garlands! If you have been here for some time, you may have seen the garlands I made years ago. One Halloween, I made one in all-black fabric & lace. I had added black roses & peonies to the strips of fabric. as seen in the pictures. For a dramatic look I placed my candle holders all scattered down the middle of the table. With different types & sizes of candles, it gave the table more of a romantic look with the flames all at different heights. I brought out my moss-covered candelabra, too, as it fits the mood perfectly & gives height & dimension. Two small vintage silver candelabras adorned the table with their white melted candles. A few black crows made their appearance. I had almost forgotten that I was creating a tablescape & was going to start taking pictures. I quickly grabbed my black goblets & the clear black glass plates & placed them in the middle. As the sun had almost set, I started lighting the candles. Seeing the flames dancing so beautifully with the night breeze was a sight. You can see the Instagram post here.

Halloween can be your type of spooky to what you like & to what fits your home. I am happy to say that this is mine & my family here at Country Chic Homes. We enjoy the mood even when the candles are not lit.
TIP For A Halloween Romance Tablescape
  • Choose one color for your entire tablescape.

  • Use lots of candles, different styles & heights. Have the triangle tip melted in a previous burn.

  • Add different textures & elements.

  • Let the fabric be flowy to create a movement of dance from the flames of the candles.

  • Keep decor simple; use everyday items that are in your color choice.

I'd love to hear in comments what your Halloween style is for you in your home.

Have a wonderful day & weekend ~

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