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A Look Back On My Easter Tablscapes

Friday post! I don't know about you, but this week seemed extra-long. Nonetheless, I hope it was a fantastic week for you! Easter is only a little over two weeks away, so I wanted to share with you the tablescapes I created.

They can be easily recreated & can be used on your main table or even broken up into several tables, creating a theme for your Easter gathering. I'll add several pictures of each tablescape & a brief description of each one. I'll add a link to what I can. I even added images from when we lived in the apartment! Looking back at my lovely little place, in had so much charm; I miss that in this home. I'll also add the ones from this year too & link the blog posts to them as I am trying to create posts for my tablescapes.

My grand Flower Arrangement from last year. I used this arrangement all through summer! I thought you guys would have been so tired from seeing it. It's simple but grand. I will be bringing it out soon.

A warm tablescapes. Below I have many of these item's linked from a previous tablescape. The rimmed plates are currently available over in the shop.

The item's that I used in my outdoor tablescape are items that can be found over in the shop. Of course, the bunny I will link to Pottery Barn. I have three different ones & they're the only ones that I have had for several years now.

One of my favorite tablescapes that I have styled for Easter is this one right here. The birds perched on the branch & nestled in their nests. I may have to recreate one soon. I have linked this tablescape to my LTK.
I love creating Community Tablescapes. Placing everything in one place for your guests to grab at their leisure. My Bottle Drying Rack, I don't share it as much as I should. But it might be making its appearance today over on Instagram. I linked a white bottle drying rack, I'll link another option here that comes with two sets.

The trio of bunnies! I used my ironstone oval plates & mason jars to keep the vibe vintage. Simple florals throughout the center of the table with moss. Of course candles! I regret not buying more of these wood holders. I found them at Kirklands when our local store was closing. I think there were like $2 each! Since this tablescape is from many moons ago & a lot of the items I can no longer find to link. I will link the Trio of Bunnies & the Table Runner. If you have vintage mason jars & white plates, bring them out to recreate this table. The runner & the bunnies are the focal point.

Layers of vintage & flowers & a sweet bunny! Oh yeah & some California sunshine. Everything that I used for the flower arrangement can be found in the shop. Other items can be found on my LTK.

The first of this year. I used my vintage lace runner & a mix match of glass ware & ironstone. Instead on having the flowers on the table, I went with a hanging wreath. You can see the items that I used over on my LTK.
I loved creating this tablescape this year! I never said it, but I created this tablescape & entered it in a Tablescape contest. Unfortunately, it wasn't chosen & that's okay. I went in with layers of textures of beautiful linens. Mix-match of glassware & the red transferware collection that I found on FBMP for $20! So looking at this table, it was a win from the very beginning. I have linked item that I used in my LTK.

I will be adding several more tablescapes over the next few weeks. Keep checking back to see what I have added. Also, if you see something that is not linked, please drop it in the comment & I will assist you in finding that item or one that is similar. If you see a tablescape from this post that genuinely inspires you, let me know in the comments.

Thanks for ending the week with me here! I'll be posting over on the gram around 4' o'clock PST.


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