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A Look Into The Fall Season, 2023 Editon

I can't even begin to tell you how excited I am to finally write this post, let alone share it with all of you. The annual fall edition is where I share what Country Chic Homes will look like this year. My favorite season of all has begun here at CCH & allow me to walk you through what has been on my mind probably since April. Also, today I shared my first fall tablescape of the season on Instagram, Pinterest, FB & on TikTok! Head on over & tell me what you think.

Fall flowers Fall foilage
A View Into Fall 2023

The time of year when the air starts to shift, days begin to get a little shorter, textures start to get softer & the colors here at CCH begin to turn deeper hues of rust orange, mustard yellow, brown & the color of deep burgundy start to replace the neutral palette of summer. Copper & amber bottles start to make their appearance once again & sit front & center in many places of CCH. Can you envision that baseline of fall here? I sure can; I see it every day in my mind from the moment I put away the last bin at the end of the season; I always whisper & say, "I'll see you soon." Well, my friends, I am so happy to say the day has arrived & the bins have been unpacked. The pumpkins are in the office waiting to be displayed in areas of our home. They're organized by size & color. We must remember the flowers! I have organized them & I have many arrangements planned for the season. The fall foliage has been unpacked as well & sits in the office in a container. Having them out & displayed will make it easier for me to go in & create arrangements when needed. August will be the true transition month where we will take it slow at the beginning (first few days of the month lol) & then CCH will be as if fall never left. You will see the change completely by the end of the month, summer will have faded away & be only a memory.

A few weeks ago, I looked over my dishes & glassware, I ordered a few items that I needed & they arrived over the weekend safe & sound. If you recall, a few months ago, I even stocked up on several vintage leather books that I will be using for fall; once stored away now await to be used & be brought back to life. The new items to the season are several orange pumpkins that you'll see the entire month of August used several different ways & their grand finale; oh, I can't wait to share that with you! I purchased a few tablecloths, too; one is one that we all know & love, the good ol' drop cloth!

I will still share summer here & there throughout the month, but definitely, by the middle of the month, it will be all fall. Fall fashion will follow, probably more towards the end of the month when that will fully transition. Here in California, we tend to have hot temps towards the end part of summer & into fall. & I mean hot days, sometimes days of triple digits. So honestly, the last thing on my mind is a chunky sweater, lol! Last year, when we were in the middle of our heat wave, I posted reels where I was in denim shorts & a tube top!

You may be wondering when Halloween will make its appearance. I can say the only part of CCH that will be Halloweenish will be the bats will return once again above the black mirror in the living room. Of course, I will create several Halloween tablescapes; you can expect the bats to return in September. The reason for their appearance to be a bit later is that I will be creating content for Jeanne d'Arc Living magazine. I'll be creating some late summer content & early fall content for the magazine.

vintage chandeliers. sunflowers fall flowers
The Views at CCH, the change has begun, fall has arrived.

Speaking of the magazine, my first BIG feature is coming up! FALL 2023! I can't believe it will be almost a year since I created these looks for the magazine! EEekk! I can't wait for you to see what will be in the magazine! I can't share just yet, but I will let you know once the magazine is available for pre-order. Once the magazine is released & I am given the go-ahead to share more, I will create a whole blog post of the entire experience. Remember, you can purchase any of JDL issues with my friend Tamara, I have the link on the home page, but I will also add it here for you.

So, I can't wait to share all the flower arranging, tablescapes & cozy textures. Oh & shall I mention the hutch, or is it too soon for that? It's coming & going to be so good that I want to do it now, but I need to wait a bit longer. I wish to give you a date of when I will transition the hutch into fall, but what if I gave you a date & I couldn't keep my word & end up creating & sharing it before? So, I will leave you with this; you want to make sure you see & read what I share; I promise you to fall is my favorite season & I have to show that to you to believe me. It's just my season & I have to show how beautiful it truly is. So, by reading today's post, you will follow along & I hope I will inspire you.

Thank you for allowing me to share my love for styling all year round & mostly the content that I create to share with all of you. Fall has won my heart over & well, here's to another amazing fall season of styling here at Country Chic Homes!

XO Ali!

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