• Ali

A Perfect Pasta

Okay so this is a quick post about something that we probably most all of us love... pasta.

My perfect way to boil pasta to be Al dente. I use my cast iron pot, always. Now since this isn't a true recipe, I am going to just tell you how to do any kind of pasta.

  • I do not fill the pot with a lot of water, it's probably only about. Pretty much only up to where the pot starts to curve up. I know that doesn't seem like enough water, it is.

  • Bring the water to a rapid bowl

  • Add pasta. I like to mix 2 different kinds of pastas to give texture. I add the thicker pasta 1st & when that half way done, I add the 2nd.

  • Add your seasonings

  • Lower heat to low

  • Stir constantly, pretty much all the time. I use CCH pasta spoon, it's perfect!

  • If you need to add more water, I add chicken or vegetable broth again very little. My pasta is never fully submerged in any liquid. (See below picture)

  • Your pasta should cook fully & all liquid should be pretty much absorbed & you will not need to drain it.

That's it, my perfect way to make all my pasta dishes. I find that this way my pasta retains it's yummy flavor & the consistency is amazing!





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