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A Santa Christmas Hutch At CCH

The anticipated hutch of CCH has finally been revealed! & boy, was it fun to see it come together! Santas, bottle brush trees, Christmas glassware & English advertising pots have taken over this year.

Every season, our kitchen hutch gets a makeover & Christmas is always my favorite one to create. The magic of Christmas allows me to embrace the colors I usually avoid all year. This year, the cuteness of Santa is coming to the hutch; how would this not be my favorite?

When I planned how to style the hutch, I wanted it to be full of vintage & new but the new to have a vintage-inspired look. I think I achieved just that by not being able to distinguish the new Santa mugs from the vintage ones; maybe I've had the "new" ones for a while now, and soon enough, they will be vintage, LOL! The bottle brush trees naturally have a vintage look to them, which is why I love to collect them. I placed a bottle brush tree in each Santa mug or advertising pot. A simple advertising pot was now Christmasfied!

Vintage Santa Mugs English Advertising pots

My glassware, Christmas themed either by their print or the color of the glass, took up space this year & I was happy that I brought them out to be seen. As much as I would love to say that we use our vintage dishes & glassware daily, I'd be lying to you. I'm so afraid that I or "we" will break them; I know we should use them, & I get that I shouldn't just store them away, but in reality, they're at some point being displayed in our home & I have taken time in curated such a collection that I love & use for my tablescapes that many of you have enjoyed seeing. So, to have the red, green & clear glass out on display brought color to the shelves & Christmas joy!

Then, the newest Christmas collection has arrived at CCH: Santa punch bowls! I know they're so adorable & I love everything about them! I found them at a local shop, & I have linked them to ones that are currently available online. The cuteness of their faces sets them apart from any Santa I have ever seen! The detail on them is perfect & I am excited to have them a part of our Christmas hutch this year & they'll be present every year.

Santa Punch Bowl

When I create our hutch, I like to keep it clean & not cluttered. Even if there are a lot of items involved, I keep it by grouping similar things, such as the glassware on the bottom shelf & only a few in other places. The multi of the colors & prints keeps it clear. The punch bowls are placed evenly on the middle shelf, and even though they're cute & you may want to stay looking at them on this shelf; given that there are only three & are evenly spaced, it keeps the eye moving onto the next shelf. The accent pieces are items that are simple & easy on the eye. The mugs & pots are all on the top shelf as they have the height to them & have a whimsical touch to them, which has helped keep "things moving."
Quick Tips When Creating A Large Space:
  • Plan on what you want your space to look like

  • Gather your items with a theme of three to five items.

  • Use different textures; this helps to keep a cozy vibe & balance.

  • Create light by using an element that has natural light or a reflection. In my hutch, I have clear glass & within the bottle brush trees, the sparkles on the needles reflect in any light.

  • & lastly, create what works best for you & your family & the given space.

Santa Punch Bowls Santa Mugs Bottle Brush Trees

Now, let's enjoy the holiday season as all of the large spaces of CCH have been completed. I posted a reels on Instagram; when you have the time, head on over & see the hutch come to life.

Much Love!

Coming to CCH:
Christmas Tablescape
VICI Collection
Christmas Centerpieces
Bedroom Mantel

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