• Ali

A Saturday DIY

Updated: Mar 5

Happy Saturday! Well I have this pedestal that I use to love & well I kinda fell out of love with the color of it... so why not add some créme wax to it?

I have been thinking about doing it for awhile now, but I just never got around to doing so, today was the perfect day to do so. So simple & very quick, it even dried quickly in this cold weather, yup California has cold weather too.

It was a chippy white, oh it's not vintage I don't like messing with vintage vibes I take them as is. I dusted it off & poured créme wax in deep brown & just rubbed & wiped it off with a rag. I like adding more in crevices & corners to have it look a little more natural. One good coat is pretty sufficient, it doesn't take a lot to do the job.

I love the look of it once again & I'm sure you'll be seeing it throughout Country Chic Homes once again. I'll add a few risers that would be great if you would like to try this DIY... but of course if you have one at home, shop your home.

Have a wonderful rest of the weekend & enjoy every minute of it!!



Before with more of a white wash finish

After with wax.. getting ready to be styled



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