• Ali

A Simple Fall Arrangement

With Fall approaching all has pretty much been bought & recieved here at Country Chic Homes. Vignettes have been planned & some have been created too. Tablescapes & centerpieces are coming together to gather around our favorite table. Now to embrace the beauty of nature & bring it inside of our home.

A simple & free Fall arrangement with some branches that their leaves have fallen make a perfect arrangement. I brought in one of my smaller crocks to help create my vision. It's perfect as its cream with a burgundy line around the rim. Several branches cut into sticks / twigs placed inside the crock. All different heights to create a full arrangement & at any angle it'll look perfect.

With coffee in hand, my favorite pj bottoms & some OG bubble gum & it all came to life.

Have a wonderful day & I can't wait to share some more Fall creations from our yard this season.


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