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A Simple Fall Wreath

Sometimes I get this idea in my mind to create a simple space with a lot of textures & beautiful pieces. This year for Fall, I have wanted to style fun spaces that you would typically not see here at CCH, such as the candy bar, the Jack ~ O ~ Lanterns & the canvas with the mini pumpkins inside. I like to do these creations for families with young children who want to help decorate for the season. I also think about my followers/readers who enjoy that style. I enjoy creating them as it brings me out of my comfort zone from the simplicity. As much as I love the fun style, I quickly change them to something that tends to calm my soul.

I believe this wreath is my absolute favorite. It has so much texture & dimension. The wreath is new this season to Country Chic Homes. I wanted to use it in this space & share its beauty (click here to go how I styled this space). The last time I shared it, I had added pear stems inside of it that cascaded down from the wreath. I will link the blog post of that style below. I have a few more ideas on how I will be using the wreath this season. I hope you enjoy them. Haha, I even have ideas planned for Christmas, winter & spring too. The wreath is currently still available & in two sizes. I have the smaller size & it's a pretty generous size. If you buy one, it will be a staple piece in your home as it is here at CCH.

I stayed in a neutral color palette with brown & tans. A simple Fall space: a wreath, basket, Demijohn, brooms, candles, a cozy throw & a raw edge velvet ribbon & tied gently to the top of the wreath. I didn't add too much to the space, just the right amount & with its textures & choice of color. It automatically gives the Fall vibe that we all love & wait for every year. Items can be found here on my LTK.

The candles on each side of the wreath are available in the CCH shop. They're so beautiful to showcase all year round. Have you seen the new pieces that I added to the shop? Head on over & check them out if you haven't, some are vintage items & there are only a few on one of each. I am working on launching the Christmas Shop soon. I don't have a date yet as I am waiting on a few more pieces to arrive. If you have not subscribed to CCH, I would love it if you would. I will be releasing the date of the Christmas Shop here first & then over on my social media. Also, I have some posts that will be shared here before anywhere else for Thanksgiving & Christmas. New subscribers will receive a discount code sent to their email too. It's a perfect time to shop for gifts & we have many items that are great for gatherings.

Stay tuned next week! Our Fall wreath will start to make its appearance on our porch. I will be sharing a Halloween Tablescape will also be shared.

Thank you for being here & for all your support!



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