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A Simple Valentine's

Hey Guy's!!!

Valentine's a day of love & romance & a day to show your love!! But... here at Country Chic Homes, we show our love for one another everyday as everyday is a blessing. But February is definitely a fun month to create with love in mind.

At Country Chic Homes, we've incorporated some heart garlands from our friend Bethany, a garland from last year but this beauty & simplicity is perfect year after year. I love moving the garland around our home as creations come up. So, definitely keep your eye out over on the gram.

Hints of pinks are popping up, either in a garland or in a flower arrangement & if you know my jam, I love faux flowers!! Finding the right ones is key, so I'll leave that for another post. But, the pink peonies that are trickled around are so beautiful & yup... I've asked the boyfriend to get me a few dozen instead of real flowers for Valentine's. They may have just arrived too. Great thing, I'll be able to keep them for as long as I want & enjoy them forever.

I am keeping things simple, with just a few touches. Not every space will have Valentine's, I'm keeping it calm & cozy. I don't do a gaudie Valentine's, I love more of a romantic vibe. I stay true to how I normally decorate. So even if it's lighting a few tapers in pink or white & adding a few of your favorite Valentine's candies to a glass dish. Adding some of the Valentine's colors in your flowers can be a great way to bring in the holiday. You can place them in a French bucket, ironstone pitcher or a glass vase. Since I use faux flowers, I can place them in vessels that you normally wouldn't use. To cover up stems, I've used pieces of drop cloths, tea towels or just plain fabric.

I hope I've given you some insight on how to have a simple Valentine's in your home. Feel the love everyday & thank you so much for being here with me everyday.



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