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A Valentine's Flower Arrangement

* Note original post was written January 2022

A Wednesday night post. On Valentine's Day, I shared a tablescape on Instagram. I received so many messages on what I used to create such a full-size arrangement. I decided that a blog post was necessary & since I'll be using the floral arrangement in different spaces.

At the end of the post, I'll add photos of the flowers I used. Some may be similar if I am unable to find the exact ones.

I create a tape grid when I create a large floral arrangement that needs to be tight in the center. You can use floral tape, but I used scotch tape as I have it on hand for my digital print styling. Once I have the grid, it's time to create the arrangement.

I like to use a variety of florals to add depth & texture & a color scheme. Since I use faux florals, it is important to use a variety of florals when creating a large arrangement. When using several, I weave different florals into one another to create depth. In this arrangement, I have four of the same peonies that are still connected & the rest are individuals. The four are my base & the rest are my fillers not to have any gaps. I like to have the flowers fall or cascade as they would in a garden. It gives a whimsical & natural look when using faux. I add fillers until I achieve the look that I want & all is covered.

  • Create a grid with tape for large arrangements.

  • Cut stems only when necessary. I prefer to bend them. That way I can use them in different styles & size arrangements.

I hope I have given you some insight into how I create my arrangements, the season has just begun & I have many arrangements planned already.

Thank you for all the support & encouragement!



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