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A Week in Flower Arrangements

This week at Country Chic Homes, I have been spending time creating flower arrangements & styling spaces with Spring in mind. Let's chat about a few posts from the week & mood boards that I made with items that have arrived this week & will be coming in soon. Also, we'll touch on tablescapes, as I have repeated time & time again; they're my favorite space to create. I'll share a few tips on how changing items in your tablescape will allow you to share your tablescape more than once.

I shared a reel with four flower arrangements on Instagram a few days ago. I can create arrangements quickly & they change any space & make it feel brighter, even when using neutral-colored flowers prominently. I created all four in a day. It was a gloomy day at home, & California has definitely had a lot of gloomy days recently. & since creating gives me pleasure & calms me when I get bored or, shall I say, the need to create. Since we rent our home, I probably would be switching out light fixtures, painting walls & or ripping out flooring & cabinets. One day I will be doing that; I can feel it! So creating spaces & flower arranging will have to calm me for now. I won't give out too many tips as I am currently working on a blog post focusing on flower arranging. But I will share how easy it is to create with an entire wall of artificial flowers on hand. That is one of the reasons why I love having artificial flowers. I don't need to run out to the store to grab what I need & spend money to create an arrangement that will likely last a week, depending on the flower. With artificial, I can reuse my flowers over & over again. Especially now that I have a system for storing them efficiently. I link the blog post below from when we re-did my artificial flower shop earlier in the year—being able to see everything & grab what I need as if I was picking them out at the local flower market & setting them aside on my rolling rack table. I can easily pick out a container that I will be using. Depending on the height of my arrangement, I pick out the container & any other tool that I may need, such as twine or tape.
Of the four that were created, each one is different from one another, but they go seamlessly as three will be in the same space & I wanted it to look pleasing to the eye. What's important to me when I create is keeping things easy to look at. I styled two large & two small ones. One of the small ones sits on top of our bathroom vanity. I gave that one some height as the mirror behind it is vertical & to balance it out, it made sense to create with height in mind. I still kept a fuller bottom as the container I used had a wide mouth & not have any gaps in between the flower stems & the urn. I stayed full at the bottom. The other small one is in the living room, right by the window, as we love looking out the window. I kept that one short with just having a tight base & very minimal height. That way, we can still look out the window with ease.
The tallest one, & the one that I already disassembled, was placed on our entryway table to create a great look as you come into our home. that one was full in height & I let the stems show as the flowers were placed in a tall container. The last arrangement, & I might say, it's my favorite & I will probably use it for several creating styles. I took a while to make it, knowing exactly how I wanted it to turn out. I stayed neutral but added green peonies & greenery. It is placed inside one of my vintage pails & it looks incredible! It is the fullest of the four, with the only height being the greenery. It has a little bit of an asymmetrical look to it. Currently, it is on our coffee table & as I mentioned above, I am sure you'll see it trickle around CCH.


  1. Goes for anything; create what makes you happy

  2. Create what goes with your style. We try new trends & sometimes it works & other times it doesn't. I know for myself that it usually doesn't. So stay with what you have unless you change your home or room style. Even for flowers, even though I love red roses, they wouldn't go with my home vibe, they would stand out like a sore thumb & no one would want that.

  3. Create different height arrangements; it's nice to look at & especially having smaller ones in unexpected places.


Oh, I love creating tablescapes. Also, another post will be going live soon. But for now, I will create more of them, like I once did. I'll share how you can get the most out of your out-of-one tablescape.

  1. Moving seating around. Create either a 4-2 or 6-4 seating.

  2. Switch out the glassware.

  3. Take pictures at different times of the day. If you use candles or lights, take photos as the sun has gone down, not completely, so you don't use your flash but just enough to see the twinkling lights or candle flickering.

  4. Add a throw to a chair & switch it out with two different options.

  5. If using a set of plates, change the dessert plate.

flowers artificial
A Valentine's Tablescape.

spring decor
I removed all the red transferware & glassware from my Valentine's tablescape. I left the centerpiece & switched up a few pieces to create a new look.

These tips are intended to get the most out of one tablescape without switching out the center of the table, either your centerpiece or food that you may have. With these simple five tips, you can have many options to share.Get the most out of your styling!
Mood boards
I love creating mood boards of items that have arrived at CCH or will be. I have them all on my LTK & I do add a few on the home page.
This week I brought in items for Easter that I plan to use throughout our Spring. I shared more available flowers in another blog post that I will link below. When it's a new item to me, I like to receive it first before sharing it, as it may only be what I expected if I know the item is going to be exactly what it is described or if it is selling out quickly. As you know, I will find similar items that I can link for vintage items.

Thank you for a wonderful week & for being here. This is when a change starts happening at CCH; after being calm during Winter, it's time to create. Now I just need the weather to follow. The tips I have shared will help you create your next flower arrangement. I will be sharing a post on Sunday afternoon/evening.

XO ~ Ali

P.S. Don't forget to leave a comment below of what you think of the tips or blog post. Even if you would like to share a tip on how you create flower arrangements.

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