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A Whimsical Fall Tablescape

Tablescape, here is my thought on the word "tablescape" It is a way to express one's creativity by using decor & dishware to create a setting to enjoy a meal with family & friends. There's no wrong or right way to create a tablescape... the possibility is endless.

As a creator, my favorite spaces to style, are tablescapes. I always know how I want to create, either a tablescape with settings placed or a farm-to-table setting. A farm-to-table setting is having all the dishware placed in the middle, or on the side of the table for your guest to grab.

For a long time, I had wanted to create a tablescape where I can go beyond the table itself, I wanted to go upward. I knew exactly what I wanted & I already had many styles in my mind to create. Luckily, one day I was on the web & came across an "Over The Table Rod"... I couldn't get to the website soon enough & buy it! It is exactly what I had been wanting. I originally bought it in the gold color, but when I received an email that the shipping date had gotten pushed out, I canceled the order & ordered the black that was ready to ship. I figured if I didn't like it in black, I could quickly change the color by painting it. Once it arrived within a week, I loved the black as it went well with other details in our home.

My first style was going to be a Fall tablescape, of course, it would be! I wanted it to be perfect & be everything that I had imagined. I styled it with Grapevine Garland, Fall foilage, a Strand of Lights & three DIY lanterns that I created with chicken wire. I will be posting a quick post on how I created them. I was inspired by the 6th issue of Jeanne d' Arc Living, "A Party In The Barn." I brought in muted orange fairytale pumpkins, the muted orange a perfect rustic orange. I didn't use a table runner or table cloth as I wanted the table rod to be the center of attention & I believe it is. I created 4 settings using Ironstone Plates, vintage silverware & napkins & Fall Colored Goblets, I did create two settings, one for the day & the other for an evening to get the gorgeous glow of the candles & lights. In the evening style, I changed the plates to Pumpkin Bowls, if you're following me on Insta you've seen me share this set of bowls & one serving bowl with a lid for under $25! I'll be sharing all the deets on Wednesday, so come back to see the photos here on this post.

I created a reel over on Instagram, head on over & let me know what you think. I also have posted on my LTK other options of the item's that I used in this tablescape.

Have a wonderful week ahead & Fall begins officially on Thursday, stay tuned for my annual Fall post!


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