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All Refreshed

Hey Guy's!!!

Happy Friday let the weekend commence!!! Such an amazing week here at Country Chic Homes with so many refreshing spaces, rooms & most of all just an amazing week with all of you!

So normally I would do a week wrap up post, but I kinda did a post every day this week & thought I'd try something new. I'm just going to chat with you & chat about TIP's of the week, weekend plans or just whatever I feel like chatting about. So let's chat!

Here at Country Chic Homes we're starting to plan Fall creations & when I say "plan" I mean it's all in my head lol. I've bought some great decor pieces & I shared them with you here "Give Me Fall" so if you haven't checked it out, head on over. I absolutely love the Fall season, it can be short but oh so beautiful with all the changing colors & most definitely the cozy vibes start to settle in. So definitely check in often here & on IG for up coming creations, post & DIY'S.

Next week I will be receiving some happy mail by my good friend at Charlie James and Co. Hint.. this box is going to smell amazing & my home too!! Expect a huge blog post on it. Also, don't forget you get 15% OFF your purchase by using CCH15.

I'm planning to do a "Hey Guy's Welcome to Country Chic Homes" we have some new followers & I would like to introduce myself again in a post on IG. So please continue to share the page & blog as I will do this once we reach 1500 followers!! Whhaaatt so AMAZING!! Here's 2 places on the blog where you can get to know me... "About Me" & Welcome

This weekend the boyfriend, Pepper & I are heading out to Lake Tahoe & I can't wait. We're planning to hike & hang out as much as possible & take all the necessary precautions. I've already checked out Facebook Marketplace & have a few items saved, so we'll definitely be making so stops along the way. I'll try to bring ya'll with us.

Here's a few pictures of this weeks creations, if you have any questions just shoot me an email or DM on the gram.

I want to thank you so very much for allowing me to be here with you every day!!



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