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All Ruffled

Hey Guy's!!

So let's get all ruffled! Hopefully ya'll have read yesterday's post, on how to DIY a basic pillowcase. If you haven't, go check it out & come back so you can add a ruffle to your pillowcase as I have. Okay, so I'm going to get to it on how to create a ruffle at the end of your pillowcase. After you have created your pillow case, you're going to cut another piece of fabric, double the size of your pillowcase's length, the side of the pillowcase. Okay now you're going to fold the fabric in half, you will need to sew two basic stitches across, one on top of the other, you'll do this on the edge that has the opening not at the crease. Leave about 1/2" in between each stitch. On the top stitch, go ahead and knot the end, the 2nd stitch DO NOT knot leave it as is with at least 4" of left over thread. After you have created your rows, you're going to start to create your ruffle. The 2nd row, you left the thread hanging with out knotting it, right? Okay, with one hand hold the thread & with the other hand start pulling the fabric away from the thread SLOWLY & gathering the fabric at the same time, you DO NOT want to pull the thread to hard, it will break & you'll most likely will have to start over. After a few gather's you'll start to see your ruffle coming into effect!! Keep going until you have reached the end of the fabric. Once you have, you'll see your fabric has shrunk, it's okay as long as you cut the fabric double the size. Now you can go back to your 2nd row and finish it by sewing a knot, if you don't, your ruffle will come un-done. The last thing that you'll need to do, is sew each side of the ruffle, I find by doing this is gives the ends of the ruffle a little more fluffiness. Okay, YAY!! You created your ruffle!!! Now to add it to your pillowcase! So this ruffle will only cover the front of the pillow case, if you want it to go all around, just cut your fabric 4x's the size. To sew the ruffle onto your pillowcase, sew directly above the first stitch by lining it on top of the pillowcase. There ya go!! You did it!! Now to stuff your pillow & enjoy it!!

If you have any questions send me an email!! But it's super to do & it gives your pillows an extra touch. I'd love to see if you create a ruffle & I'll share it on my IG page!

* Oh I like to leave the top of my pillow case frayed on the top, if you choose not to have a frayed top, just hem it before creating the 2 stitches across.

Be Cozy & Be Kind



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