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All Tied Up

Hey Guy's!!

So today on IG I shared a DIY with you on my stories. If you haven't seen it definitely head on over so you can check it all out. I made a Wood Bead Garland w/ Hand Tied Fabric. I'll give you all the deet's but first here is what you'll need if you make it exactly like mine.

1. Twine

2. Curved Needle

3. 1" Natural Wood Beads

4. White Fabric, I used an old bed sheet.

Okay so if you saw my stories, I already had the tassels made. Tassels are pretty easy to make, all you do is wrap twine or yarn around an object. I like to use a book, once I get the twine all wrapped, I pull it off carefully holding to one end. Clip off leaving a good amount of twine to wrap around the top of the tassel secure it with a tight knot, you can even add a but of glue after the knot. Make 2 tassels... Now onto making the garland, I don't cut the length off the twine ball, cause I like to have the option of having a longer garland.

1, Thread through one of the tassels

2. Add your wood beads

3. Thread the last tassel, secure it with a knot

4. Cut the garland off from the ball of twine, leaving some length to tie a knot to secure the tassel. At this point you've made a simple wood bead garland. You can leave it as is or move forward to Hand Tie Fabric.

5. Cut a good piece off the sheet, I like mine to be frayed on all sides, so you'll most likely will have if you're using a bed sheet a hem, I cut off the hem part.

6. Cut 1/5" to about an 1" off the piece you cut in step 5.

7 I tied a strand of fabric every 3rd wood bead all the way to the end.

8. Optional.. add a small amount of glue to each of the tassels to the wood bead next to it...

THAT"S IT!!! So easy to do & So perfect to use in so many ways. If you decide to make one, show me, I'd love to see your creation, Let me know whatcha think about this DIY!!

Thanks again for all the you do for me!! I appreciate ya'll so much!



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