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All Tied Up Garland

Hey Guy's

Happy Tie Tuesday! So I've been sharing lately over on IG my Hand Tied Fabric Garland's, & ya'll have been wanting me to do a DIY OMGEE Thank YOU!! So here is what ya'll will need..

  1. Fabric, I used an old bed sheet for this garland.

  2. Scissors

That's it!!

Okay so you'll cut strips of fabric, you can cut them as wide as you want, I usually don't go over 1.5" wide & 12" in length is the minimum. How many strands? I cut about 25 at a time as it goes by fast if you just snip a bit at the top of the fabric & rip down to get the frayed look on all sides of the fabric. Once you're done cutting your strips, just tie the ends together.. & WHOLLA you have a Hand Tied Fabric Garland!! Told ya'll it was simple.

I have many of these garland's through out my home, I love the texture & layers that they create & so easy to add or remove strands for different spaces. I have a few that I've mixed different types of fabric to give my creation or space more texture. I showed ya'll a few today that I have on the mantle in my bedroom with different fabrics. So let me know if ya'll start making your garland & show me on IG by DM or tag me.

TIP: To get the frayed look of a piece of material, snip at the top & rip apart the fabric.

Thanks Again for all you DIY support!!


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