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Amber Bottles...

My first collection was vintage amber bottles. Their warm tone captured me to continue collecting them. I would look for them at yardsales, flea markets & on FBMP.

Today on Insta, I shared a simple Fall centerpiece on our dining table. I used a vintage European grain sack as a runner to bring in texture. I used a non-typical color with blue stripes. I placed one of my favorite risers from my friend Tamera. I'll add her shop below. I filled the riser with amber bottles of different sizes. The way that I placed the bottles was not in order but more of what was visually pleasing. I set the larger ones in front & the middle & not just in the back. I angled them so they would fit within the space. Arranging the bottles this way creates depth to a simple style. I went with candles that were of different heights. Not every bottle has a candle. Not placing a candle in every bottle kept the setting simple. I mixed a variety of candle sizes & bottles to stay with what is pleasing to the eye. The color of the candles that I chose was the yellow tone. I wanted a minimal contrast between the bottles & the candle.

A simple centerpiece but a lot of thought put into it...

Item's Used:

Vintage Amber Bottles TIP: These are new bottles but you can let the candles melt on them to make them look vintage)

Taper Candles

European Grain Sack


Tamera's Etsy Shop

Thank you so much for reading & I truly hope that you will be inspired.

Have a lovely weekend!

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