• Ali

Another Week of Spring 🍃

There's something magical about every season, but the season of spring there is a new wave of new beginnings. It may be from all that is blooming after the cold of winter, or the birds chirping. Whatever it maybe, I hope you find the best of spring this time around.

This week over on the gram I shared 2 new styles in our living room & 1 in my bedroom. All very simple but nonetheless, inspiring on how faux flowers can be beautiful. I'll add some photos down below.

On the shop side of CCH, I brought in dried florals. A brand new section of the shop that will definitely be growing, haha just like flowers do. I am excited to add to this section as I love brightening spaces with florals & with a cozy scent. Chamomile, Jasmine & Lavender have opened up this section in the shop & make a perfect addition to any space.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for showing up & reading, I am already working on the next post... Spring Textiles so make sure that you come back or better yet, subscribe if you haven't done so already. Once you do every post will drop into your email inbox.

Have a wonderful weekend!





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