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Hey Guy's!!

Let's chat about something new that is & has started here at Country Chic Homes. So as owner & creator of CCH, I take pride in all that I do with our home, other homes & what I share & collaborate with.

I recently decided it was time to take care of myself, to nourish my skin & look the best that I can at my age. Let's be honest after mid to later 30's our skin start to change what had been working for so long may no longer be doing the trick anymore. I knew my face needed some TLC, but was hesitant with everything out there on what to try. I'd say that I have sensitive skin, not oily or dry but kinda dry skin that just needed to be cleaned better. I felt by the end if the day my skin felt flakey but still not completely dry HAHA I hope that makes sense. So it was definitely time for a change.

About a month ago I was approached by a representative of Athia Skin Care, again I knew I needed help but was concerned if the product would make things worse. Well after a few weeks of using the product twice a day... OMGEEE!! I wish they would have reached out to me long ago! I literally saw an instant change in my skin by the 1st cleanse & it felt oh so good by the 2nd. I was able to go on my stories with just my lashes 2 days this week over on Instagram!! I am completely hooked & I'd love for you to try Athia Skin Care too. Let me tell y'all what I received & absolutely love.

What am I using daily is the Athia Bundle. It's a bit pricey but oh worth every penny! What you get:

  • Daily Facial Cleanser

  • Hyaluronic Vitamin C Daily

  • Moisturizer Retinol Night Cream.

I only use 1 pump of each & that's pretty much all you'll need to get your skin glowing. I do wipe off my mascara with a non Athia product as I use waterproof at times.

Ultra Hydrating Detox Mask:

You'll recieve 5 masks, I've used 1 & my skin literally feels as I just removed tons of dirt, cosmetics, pollution you name it was removed.. What are the masks, they each are ahighly concentrated hyaluronic acid and a blend of unique plant and root extracts that boost collagen production, detoxify, intensely moisturize, and soothe skin. Ummm what else can you ask for?

Give it a try & you have absolutely nothing to loose. Athia Skin Care offers a 30 day full refund if you're not satisfied. Omgeee & I have a CODE for you too!! At checkout use: CCH15 to receive 15% OFF your entire purchase. If you're are over on all our links are in our BIO.

I will be definitely adding more to my skin care regimen from Athia Skin Care as they carry of full line of skin care & beauty care. I'll make sure to always let you know.

Thank you so much for letting me share a little more of me & my path to wellness, this is only the beginning!



Ali Owner of Country Chic Homes *NO FILTER

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