• Ali

Back To School

Hey Guy's!!!

So who's heading back to school or have kiddos that are? Well here at Country Chic Homes we only have 1... but he's in college, his last year! So there's really no morning hustle, kinda bitter sweet but it's been so many years that I've had to deal with that & sack lunches. So....

I created a Back to School tablescape today with good 'ol brown paper sack lunch bags! I added a few vintage pieces that reminded me of what a student would take to school many moons ago. Okay books & colored pencils was pretty much what I had to work with. When I went out to buy my school supplies, 2 things shocked me... 1 the limited supply of items & the cost of each item. So, I came home empty handed & went thru my stash. Vintage books, colored pencils in milk bottles, wood beads, candles, lunch paper bags & of course apples! I added a strand of my star garland that I had from last year to give all the my students stars! They sold out several times last year, I just checked & they're available. I used them all thru Fall & Winter in our home. Of course I have added little trinkets here & there like vintage typewriter keys & textures to make it cozy. A Fall scarf is casually hung on a chair to add some warm Fall Vibes. I love using these inexpensive scarves as decor pieces too. You'll be seeing quite a few of them in the next coming months.

I've attached some pics, so maybe if you want to set out a quick tablescape or setting & make it fun in the morning... even if it's just 1 time.

To all who are returning may you have a successful year, learn lots & enjoy. To the parents... enjoy every minute it goes by way too fast.




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