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Hey Guy's!

Balance, what does that mean for you? Well for me & what I'm learning as I am creating more & more is that bringing balance in my home & life, balance brings me happiness. If something is out of whack in your life, you're off balance. Same goes true in your home creations. So I want to chat about how I create balance in my creations. It doesn't matter if I am creating on a table, shelf or the wall. I find myself always balancing the items I am using. The way I place them or on what side. I'm going to give you some points on how to create balance & show you in pictures. So hopefully it will help you with your creation's to make them look clean & well balanced.

  1. Determine the space that you will be working with, height, length & dimension. Don't feel like you have use the entire space, that's were balancing takes play.

  2. Have a variety of different heights in your items, if you don't have that with your items, create height with books by stacking them & turning them around if they're are not CCH Stamped.

  3. Don't be afraid to overlap items, doing so creates dimension. Placing the bigger item in the back.

  4. You don't need to center everything in the middle. Don't have one focal point, you want to keep the eye moving to find different item's in your creation.

  5. Add candles when safe to create a warm & cozy feel. This will give you a balance by different heights of candles. Never leave un-attended.

  6. Use a few natural elements, plants, wood..

  7. After setting a few items, step back & see what needs to be tweaked. That way you can see what needs to be removed, moved or what needs to be added.

  8. Stick to a style or theme, don't mix too much you'll loose what you're trying to create.

  9. Items don't need to be facing all the same way, it's your home not a gallery.

  10. Last but not least, create with different textures.This will give balance to your creation by giving it a strong sense of style.

Well Guy's, there's 10 basic steps to creating with balance in mind. I hope this will help you when you create your next creation.

I've included a slide show of different pictures, so you can see of how I created balance.

Till Next Time Ya'll



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