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Basket Galore

Hey Guy's!!

Omgee I bet ya'll didn't know that I have a thing for baskets! Well I do, I love to display them, store items inside of them, hang them, place plants inside or just about anything. I love all types of baskets texture wicker ones, banana leaf, wired, round, square, long.. you get the idea. I have basket's in every corner of our home, some you may not notice right away if they tucked away in another basket or even wood crate. I love to create with them, it gives me more room to create with. It's like I am gaining a shelf. I rarely will store a basket away, if I do it's a must that I find a way to get it out of storage. Especially since they're too fragile in my mind to pushed & tossed around. I'll chat with ya'll on giving you some tips on how to display baskets for either an actual creation or using them as storage.

  1. I like to store baskets by putting several together inside of one another. I don't always just place them inside, I like to have them leaned inside so you're still able to see the basket's peaking out. If you need to place the basket all the a way in, try to have different colors or textures to catch the attention.

  2. Use a plant holder or florals, you'll still need to have your plant in a pot for watering purposes, unless it's a faux plant then it's a win. For faux florals, I love to just lay them across the basket as if you just picked them out of your garden.

  3. Store other decor item's inside a basket, it gives you the chance to still display your item's, but still kinda having them be out of sight. I like to add books to the bottom to give height to the item's. For item's that you don't want them to displayed, put them towards the back of the basket where they can be concealed.

  4. Basket's are a perfect way to be organized in your pantry, bathroom & in your closet.

Of course there are so many ways to use baskets, These are just several ways that I like to use basket's in our home. I'd love to see all your basket's & how you have them in your home. Thank you for always reading my posts!!!

We'll chat soon!!



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