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Bathroom Refresh

Hey Guy's!!!

Happy Friday & Happy Weekend!! It's been a busy week here at Country Chic Homes with refreshing a few rooms & spaces. One room that I never share with you on IG or here is our bathroom. Why? It's just a bathroom with a sink, tub & a toilet. But then again why not share this space. But before I do, I wanted to refresh it & get some vintage vibes going through this small space & switch things up. So I did some online shopping & pulled out a gorgeous vintage window & hung it up. I've added a few short before videos at the end, but you can head on over to IG to see the full video, you'll see I really didn't have much in our bathroom. Now it feels part of our home & like Country Chic Homes.

I've changed up the window curtain with drop cloth, I made 2 panels to give it more of a cottage feel. I went with burlap, well cause I had it on hand & pretty much everything in our home is covered in burlap. I previously had muslin fabric up, that I'll be taking it into the kitchen. We did need a thicker curtain as this window faces towards the street & it made sense to have it completely covered. For our shower curtain, I wanted to stay with a white but more Vintage, Country & with a Cottage flip, so I decided on this beautiful ruffled curtain, it definitely gives that vibe & so much texture to this space. I went with basic bath mats, white to keep with the vibe. Okay so I'm going to share with ya'll something so sweet. We only put down the mat when we are going to jump into the shower and then hang it over a step stool. Reason is, Pepper loves to go to the bathroom in the bathroom! He'll use the mat as his pee pad, I can't get mad at him cause he's really going into the bathroom to do his business. Anyways, that's why I didn't go all out on getting something sweet, cause it's put away for the most part. Onto our towels, I found this sweet set of 2 hand towels with fringe at the end. I just fell in love with the pattern & the fringe at the ends, giving us some more texture. I have them paired up with Turkish Cotton Tassel towels in white to have layers. So once all the necessities were up, it was time to have fun with the decor pieces. I of course have my shelf from Casagear, that is absolutely gorgeous & with so much space to create with, I can change things up on the shelf & hooks anytime. Another new piece that I brought into the space, was my scroll board. Sorry Guy's I don't have the exact link for it, I bought it last year at Michaels. I thought it would be a cute piece to up on here & write daily notes on it! The main decor item that we hung up was my vintage chippy window!! Y'all this thing is a beauty & I absolutely just love staring at it. I had it put away for creations, but I decided it would be perfect here & always out to see.

Such a sweet bathroom refresh that will definitely take us into the coming seasons & easy to add pieces that will go with Fall & Winter. I like to use a neutral color, mine is white & add pieces to that. It can either be color or texture to bring your refresh to life.

TIP: Create a refresh by removing everything from the space & seeing what vibe you're feeling & want to have in the space. I wanted our bathroom to match the rest of our home.

TIP: Have neutral color & go off of that by adding colors & textures.

Thank you so much for stopping by & seeing our bathroom refresh!! It absolutely means the world to me that you take the time out of your day to stop by!!



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