• Ali

Battery Operated Candles

Battery-operated candles have definitely come a long way. To their texture & realistic flame. Here at CCH, I love to use these in Fall & Winter months to give a cozy vibe all day without having the worry of a real candle. The glow at night is realistic & warm. You'll see how I use them through the season, alone or under a cloche. Most of these come with a remote & offer different modes & timers.

String lighting sets off a magical vibe in any space, some just as it with a twinkle light or have a decorative item surrounding the light bulb. Some will have a USB cord that can be easily plugged in & for spaces without an outlet you can add the appropriate batteries.

Lighting is an important element here at Country Chic Homes, either natural light or with some help from these that I have shared with you today.



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