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Beautiful Decor Bookshelf

Hey Guy's!!!

Starting another hot Summer week & here at Country Chic Homes we're just loving it!! I am absolutely enjoying the Summer Vibe & all the Sunny Days that come with it. I mentioned in today's stories that I'm kinda MIA on stories as I am enjoying Summer & some down time. I'm still constantly creating just later in the evening, once I'm all settled in. So definitely keep checking the squares.

Let's chat on last night's square share for #beautifuldecorstyles. I shared a space in our dining room, it's a book shelf that I found off of Facebook Marketplace. I absolutely loved it the minute that I saw it & messaged the lady selling it & told her I could Venmo her the $10!!! That instant. I had been wanting something exactly like this, length & height as I didn't have to much room to work with. It was just a stained & I painted it Chakk Linen White & it turned out amazing. All the comments that I recieved on the square...Omgee y'all are the sweetest! I honestly don't focus on styling or creating too much with this space, as I wanted it more as a open storage for all of my smaller pieces. I go to this area for a lot of my creations, it's kinda my own shopping shop. It has 2 shelves, top & one in the middle as I am able to use the space underneath. If I do create anything on it, it's on the top shelf but not too much goes into thinking about what I'll do. I did add some American Flags to give it a Patriotic Vibe. I must say it's pretty cool to have something like this. I have baskets full of amazing pieces, I think I did a story on it.. if not that's on my list to do. So Guy's something so simple, became something amazing!!

TIP: If you have an area that you shop from your own home, have it look nice so it ends up looking like a creation.

Alright Guy's thank you so so much for all you support & love every Monday night on the square. Y'all inspire me!!



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