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Beautiful Decor Styles

Hey Guy's!!

Happy New Week & Happy Day! New month means new creation on my Farmhouse Kitchen Shelves!! I am so happy the way they turned out, cause ya'll I ain't gonna lie.. I had no idea what I was going to do! Sometimes that happens to me after coming out of a holiday, my mind is cluttered. So I cleared off the shelves for a bit looked at them & haha had them talk to me. I went around my home & looked at my shop.. AKA my home. As I started pulling items, it came all together, Summer Clean Vibes.

Usually, I go thru each shelf chatting on each piece, this month let's just talk about all the deets in one...Now let's get to the deets!!

Whites & Woods & Glass Bottles & Ironstone. Like Country Chic Homes style, each shelf had the same elements, with the exception of 1 a green topiary. I felt that it needed some green just in that spot. Sometimes I do question myself if that will work just having 1 piece in a creation & it usually will work. It's about placement & height of the piece. This topiary was the perfect shade, height & texture & I placed it in the corner at the end of the shelf. It's not meant to be a focal piece, but it does catch one's eye. I still have my staple piece's rolling pins & a crock with some of my vintage mashers & smaller rolling pins. When you see those in my shelves, you'll always know that it's kinda my signature on these shelves. Although the Farmcharm sign has been sticking around for a few months now, I can tell ya'll it'll be changed up. I kept all glass elements with out anything inside, giving the space some Summer Clean Vibe. As much as I love to see them full, looking right thru the glass gives such a cottage vibe too. Let's move on over to the peg rail, I love hanging kitchen towels on the peg's, I can mix & match them or keep it clean as I did for the month of July. I used 2 of the Farmhouse Striped, that I can't tell ya'll enough how great these are! Mine are the charcoal, for less than $15! Ya'll know how much I love creating with kitchen towels on my wall, & that's what I have going on here with my Farmers Market from Charlie James & Co. still in stock & with my code of CCH20 you get 20% OFF your purchase. I still have wood in this space with a smaller cutting board underneath my roll of twine. Keeping your main elements through out your creation, will have it all look effortless & seamless.

TIP: Find 3-4 elements that work for you & mostly that are vibing with you & that will be the start of your creation & work them through out the creation

TIP: If you're not feeling a piece, try moving it around a few times. If that doesn't work, it's not meant to be for this creation.

Alright Guy's so I gave ya'll a little different approach to my normal post for Moday Hashtag, but it's summer so we can be a little more open. I'd love to hear your thoughts & if you incorporate my creating ways into your creations!!

Have an AMAZING week!!




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