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Bedroom Refresh

Hey Guy's

A little different & a bit late on chatting about last week's IG posts. I took sometime with the family & was enjoying being out & about & getting sun kissed ny the Summer Sun!! Instead of doing a day by day post as usual, I'm going to chat & give ya'll the deet's of the my bedroom refresh since I shared pretty much just that. So let's jump right into it.

As ya'll know if you've been following me on IG for a bit, I love cozy & I love pillows. So of course my bed would be just that. I hadn't changed up my room forever, I've changed around throw pillows but nothing too drastic. I kept all my original bedding & I actually removed some pillows to keep is light & airy for Summer. I added my new pillow Homebody from my sweet friend Liz, she doesn't have a shop, so DM on IG & I can give ya'll her IG handle. To complete my bed I added my Mud Pie Throw, I can't tell ya'll how much I love this throw, the style, the weight & the thickness of the tassels. I would definitely suggest that ya'll get one too for your creations!! I changed up my vintage laundry basket by adding a throw blanket. I went with the Zig Zag Throw, the weight of it is perfect to hang over & the size of the tassels is a perfect way to layer as well. The wall space above my bed was the inspiration on the vibe of the creation. I picked up this butterfly canvas at a local shop, Rococo Mercato. Remember ya'll if you're local to check out the store as everything is 50% OFF. The vintage feel & colors of the canvas are absolutely gorgeous that I have them through out the room. The butterflies look so vintage & the colors are so deep & give the cozy feel all in one. The side tables, I only changed up 1 as the other one still went with the vibe of the refresh. The one that I changed I used my vintage enamel bowl & pitcher & placed some mauve roses from Afloral, currently out of stock but their inventory is amazing, I am sure ya'll with find some goodies! Okay Guy's the major area that I did a refresh on was the mantel that I found on Facebook Marketplace awhile ago. When I put it in my rook after chalk painting it white, I never styled it again & I had left the shelf above it. So this time I removed the shelf to give myself some more space to create with & not have it hidden from the shelf. After removing the shelf, I added some faux ivy that I placed in a basket, a stack of hard cover books that I made to look vintage by removing the cover. I went with hard cover books because the binding will be more vintage than a paperback, you'll get the stringy & patina look instead of the white. I have a pedestal from Hobby Lobby, sorry no link but I did find one similar on Amazon, a wood bead garland DIY by me, 3 glass candle stick holders from Dollar Tree with tapers & my sweet candle from Little Gray Candle Co, such sweet candles with so many wonderful scents to choose from, I have the Victorian Cottage one here, a soft rose is the note that I pick up with some sandalwood giving such a cozy vibe to my bedroom refresh.

I hope ya'll enjoyed the bedroom refresh & the squares on IG!! Ya'll mean so much to me & I appreciate all ya love, each comment, DM & heart tap ya'll making my dreams come to reality.

Happy Sunday Funday




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