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Boo! A Simple DIY

You might think you're on the wrong blog site, but no, you're in the right place. I got a little crafty & DIY'ed some cute little ghosts!

If you caught my post on Instagram yesterday, you saw my ghosts! They're too cute to be spooky. But all in all, it was a DIY & a very simple one to do for yourself or with kids. I've seen ghosts on Pinterest & the Gram, but I wanted to avoid committing to some that are pricey as they're seasonal decor & I'm not sure if I would use them next year. So, I decided to only spend on the supplies & well, my air, lol! Billy helped me blow most of the balloons. I'm the creative one out of the two & he assists with making projects come to life when it comes down to DIYs or power tools.
DIY Ghost

I've been asked why I don't do DIYs; in all honesty, I'm not that creative when it comes to creating something out of supplies & crafts. I'm more of a piecing of items together that are already made. I believe my talent is in tablescapes & flower arrangements. I have some fantastic friends who create the most incredible DIY & I am always amazed at their work. As simple as the DIY may be, a lot goes behind the scenes, such as gathering all of the material needed, trial & error, as I experienced, even with something so simple. I'll explain in a bit what happened. & then there's the clean up, well, for better words, the mess that one has to clean up. So, my utmost respect to the DIY'ers! On to my ghosts.

Supplies Needed:


  • Once you have gathered your vases & are ready to begin, cover your workspace, as it tends to get a bit messy.

  • Blow up & tie your balloons... here's where I messed up, or Billy, hehe. Your balloons don't need to be big, like party balloons, just enough to give a head shape & to fit on top of your vase.

  • Mix one part mod pog & water until you have a milky substance. I mixed as needed.

  • Emerce your towel in the mixture & ring out the towel.

  • Set the towel on the balloon, smoothing out the top & sides. I left a few creases to give the illusion of flying ghosts.

  • Let each ghost dry completely. Luckily, it was hot this week, so the ghosts dried in 24 hours.

  • Remove ghosts from the vase & pop the balloons.

  • Add the buttons by securing them with hot glue.

That's it! It's that easy. You can add strands of twinkling lights like I did. I used my favorite ones, as the length is always perfect! The lights add a touch of cozy & make them either cute or spooky; you can be the judge of that. I'm leaning towards cute.

I set a few tapers for ambiance in the post I shared on Instagram. Also seen was one of the digital prints that I recently had printed. It's of a spooky castle; it was fitting for the space & paired well with the ghosts. I'll link it here for you.

DIY ghosts mod podge

I hope you've enjoyed this DIY & create your own this Halloween season or it inspires you for next year.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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