• Ali

Bottle Brush Trees

Hey Guy's!!!

Okay I got a simple DIY for you, or shall I say.. we!!! I had been wanting to vintage up our bottle brush trees & I knew exactly what I wanted to add to them. So let me get to the deets with you!!!

I wanted our trees on a vintage piece of wood instead of their own base. So I had a chippy column & this is where it turns into a "we" project. The boyfriend cut down the column to what I wanted a total of 7 pieces!! So exciting when he brought them home, it was exactly what I wanted & had imagined. The next step that he did was he sawed off the base that was attached to each tree. Honestly, at that point I was like what did I do!! These trees were brand spanking new!! Next, he drilled a hole into each piece of wood to have the trees stand in. Instead of using a drill bit, he did each hole with a screw, just as if he was going to screw in the screw & removed it. It was the perfect size for each tree. & since the tree is coiled, I was able to screw them in perfectly. That's it!!!!

I used new trees, but you can use any of the one that you have at home. I choose a chippy rustic wood but any piece of wood will work.

If you do this DIY!!! We want to see, so tag me over on the gram!!

As always I appreciate you all so very much & always love seeing you here!!





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