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Hey Guy's!!! Happy Monday!! I actually live Monday's, it's just the fresh start of a new week!! We have a lot planned here at Country Chic Homes, creations, collabs & always looking to be inspired.

If y'all know I love taper candles, I love the cozy & elegant vibe that they give in our home & how they bring a creation to life. But in all honesty, I only have them lit for pictures & then that's it. So it was time for a change as we want to be able to also enjoy them. I have now incorporated battery operated tapers & pillars!! Yasss & we absolutely love them. They're battery operated & so convenient just with a click of a button the magic is back. We have them on a timer, so come 7pm they all come on. Head on over to our highlight in stories "Candles" to see a closer up on these & how easy they're. Also, don't forget to check out tonight over on IG, our stories we're bringing Country Chic Homes so cozy vibes at 8PM Cali Time.

We have two types, tapers that come in a back of 10 & with batteries & a set of 9 pillar candles. They both have a real touch to them with smooth to the touch. The tapers have a touch of flicker to them, you have the option to have the flame flicker or be still. The pillar candles have the same option but definitely have more of a flicker than the subtle from the taper ones. I seriously can't wait to continue to use these in creations that I was unable to use candles for safety reasons.

Of course they'll still be creations with real candles as some creations with need that effect & mostly due to fit. Such as our amber bottles that have a narrow opening.

Thank you for always being here & seeing all the new content. I absolutely appreciate each & everyone of you! Y'all seriously are the best! Have an amazing week!!



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