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Candles & Valentines Go Hand in Hand

When you think about it, what makes a romantic Valentine's tablescape? Here at CCH, we love to incorporate candles whenever possible. So, of course, in our latest Valentine's Tablescape, I did just that & brought out my brass candle holders. Read on more for all the details I used to create this table.

Have I told you before that I work best under pressure? Well, I do. Have I told you before that I come up with ideas & create them the day of? That also is true. So yesterday, when I was editing my reels I would be sharing on Instagram, I realized that I had only created one Valentine's Tablescape! How is that possible? I am a content creator & I love creating tablescapes. As I sat at our dining room table, it came to me. Of course, I needed it to be simple but grand with the time I was working with. I knew I could do it, as I had done many times before. So here we go!

Get out all of your taper candle holders, I used brass, but you can mix & match what you have on hand. I used 11; you know me, I style in odd numbers. Since candle holders will be your focal point, they need to be balanced & well-grounded into the tablescape to give that WOW factor. I brought in one of my grain sack runners that has two red stripes, perfect for Valentine's. If you don't have one, find any runner that you have. Lace or even cut up an old bed sheet & create a runner from that. To give it more of a raw, rustic vibe, fray the edges of it. Trim any longer pieces that look messy. I went for white candles as I knew I had plenty of white & since I recently shared pink candles, it worked out. As for my table settings, I went in with my red transferware pieces. I mixed & matched them, but each set is a set of three. For the glassware, I wanted it to be solid & I decided to use my silver goblets instead of glass. I brought out my unpolished, true antique silverware to play with & set them on vintage linens. I would bring out our flatware if I were hosting a dinner party. But since I love an excellent ol' vintage vibe & the look here is just that. To bring in a pop of color & a hint that spring is indeed around the corner, I layered on top of one of the serving ware dishes, CCH Herbs, currently available in the Spring Collection. I tucked in a few of the peonies to give a complete look. The last thing I added was this week's Freebies that were included in today's newsletter. Newsletters are sent out every Wednesday to Subscribers & Members of CCH. I placed the two printables on the table & they added that perfect touch. A simple yet very bold tablescape that anyone can create with what they have. & last minute too.

I've added several photos to help you add to your collection or start a collection of vintage pieces. Remember, you can always mix & match vintage patterns & with new pieces. The first three pictures are linked to my LTK to help you shop. I didn't add any candles or silverware, Buy both at yard sales & estate sales! Buy the used candles ones too!

I'd love to hear from you if you will be creating a Valentine's Tablescape & if you plan on using vintage, new, or both at your table. Drop your comment below!

Have a wonderful rest of your day & we're halfway through the week!

Ali ~

* Next blog post Friday February 10th, 2023 *

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