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Candlestick Holder!!

Hey Guy's!!

I hope ya'll are enjoying the post's here on the blog as much as I love creating them, thank you for all your support!

So, one thing that I would like to do more of in my home creations is DIY projects. They'll be simple as I rent my home, so I can't be ripping down walls or adding shiplap on my walls (internal cry) day I will have my very own farmhouse to shiplap the heck out of it!! So for now, we are going to stick with small DIY projects. The first 2 that we created, and I say "we" cause I needed the BF to help me with some of the drilling but the vision was mine. Well, I was inspiredor by my girl, Liz Marie @ She is absolutely amazing & a total inspiration! Definitely go check out her blog & follow her on IG, tell her I say hi! :)

Okay so are ready to see the pics & all the deets of these DIY? ..

Okay so here it is!!

4x4 wood candlestick holder:

Here are the deet's of mine & how we created it! I absolutely just love how it turned out & I know this is a piece that I'll be able to use all year round in my creations!


  • 1 4x4 3'rustic vintage piece, found at one of my favorite local shops, Greenlynx Reuse down on the South end of Santa Rosa Ave.

  • I wanted 15 holes, why? I have no idea, that was just the number that came to my mind while I was creating it. So, the BF drilled 15 holes 13/16 with a wood boring drill bit. We didn't use anything to measure the distance from each hole, I guided him by placing a candle where I wanted it & he just followed. I am more of a visual than just placing dots. To finish the piece, he sanded inside each hole to give it a smooth finish. That's it Guy's, super simple!!

Once he was all done!! I placed my candlesticks in each hole & OMGOODNESS!! I love it so much. I used 10" candlesticks, they fit perfectly! A few were a little wiggly, so what I do when that happens I melt the bottom of the candle & once the wax starts to melt I place it down. By doing so, I get that perfect snug fit. The cozy ambiance that it gives when it's all lit, is breath taking. Well, I hope you love this DIY as much as I do, well we love it! Let me know please if you make one yourself, drop a note here or tag me on Instagram :)

* I don't go crazy when I buy white, cream or kinda yellowish candlesticks. I buy mine at the Dollar Tree, 2 for a $1. I don't light them all day, only for pictures for you guy's! So they end up lasting me awhile.

Be Well Ya'll


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